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One POS solution for all of your needs

An innovative, legally compliant iPad POS system from our strong partner Tillhub. An integrated cash book. Intuitive analytics tools. Flexible employee and shopper management. Our POS system offers a complete solution for all of your day-to-day requirements, as well as optimum flexibility for your business. Today, tomorrow and in the future.

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These benefits really pay off

Enjoy both online and offline access

Thanks to a cloud connection, you can access all of your important business data from any location. You can also continue to check out customers, even when the system is currently offline.

Get everything from a single source

Use classic POS functions, a digital cash book and digital merchandise management in a 360° solution.

Growth already factored in

It is easy to add new branches, employees, products or payment methods from your user account.

How our POS system works

The user interface of our POS system has been specifically designed to be intuitive. Even less tech-savvy employees will therefore have no issues handling all of the most popular payment types.

You scale your business. Our integrated cash book grows with you. It simplifies your merchandise management and supports your modern omnichannel business thanks to the best eCommerce connection.

Faster cashing up, more detailed sales statistics, easy export function, DATEV interface for tax consultants: recognise and use opportunities for your business.

Remain flexible in managing employee and shopper information. Access all business transactions in real time. This helps you spend less time on administration – and more on your core business.

Remain flexible in managing employee and shopper information. Access all business transactions in real time. This helps you spend less time on administration – and more on your core business.

Works in a wide range of sectors

Customers from the most diverse sectors are already working successfully with our POS system. It offers the right functions for all individual requirements: whether used by florists or restaurateurs, retailers or shop owners

Your business, our hardware

Hardware package

To help you get your POS up and running quickly, we also provide you with the necessary hardware. You then receive the entire system in one overall package – including professional installation instructions.

  • Apple iPad and stand
  • Epson receipt printer
  • Metaplace cash drawer
  • Ingenico iWL 250 WLAN POS terminal
  • Ingenico iWL 250 WLAN POS terminal

Certified: 100% legally compliant Our TSE till complies with all legal requirements associated with Germany's Checkout Security Regulation (KassenSichV). The software can also be updated at any time to keep pace with future amendments. It also comes with a DATEV connection for your tax consultant.

  • GoBD-compliant hosting
  • Compliant with the Checkout Security Regulation (KassenSichV) and tax authority stipulations
  • DATEV interface
  • Certified by the Association of German Tax Advisers (DStV e.V.)
Large enterprises

The larger the enterprise, the greater the requirements. Our enterprise solution has been specifically developed for retailers with multiple locations. It offers you everything you need to further scale your business.

  • Secure, GoBD-compliant hosting
  • Easy and fast scalability
  • Open platform that can be seamlessly integrated
  • Location-independent cloud access

Calculate the price for your individual iPad POS system

Integrate and start in a short time

Integration for chain stores and franchise systems

We analyse individually how you can optimally integrate our solutions into your branches and shops.

Integration for smaller businesses

From the needs analysis at your site to the integration of the hardware: Find out how the process works.

Our solutions for all of your plans

Large enterprise solutions

We offer large companies tailor-made solutions. These address the individual requirements of their specific sectors and portfolio.

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In-store solutions

On-site consulting by your personal contact. Local support from our dedicated Support Team. Just a few of the benefits of our in-store solutions.

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Online solutions

A central single payment gateway, the most common payment methods from one source, MOTO and recurring payments: increase your sales with our online sol

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FAQs on this topic

What is the Checkout Security Regulation (KassenSichV)?

The Checkout Security Regulation (KassenSichV) is a regulation issued by the German Ministry of Finance. It requires all compatible tills to be equipped with a technical security device (TSE). The legislation will be in force in Germany from September 30, 2020.

What does the acronym "TSE" mean?

TSE comes from the German term "Technische Sicherheitseinrichtung" or "technical security device". This device is used to save all transactions at the POS to an internal memory, for which it generates a code. This code must then be printed on the corresponding sales receipt. The Checkout Security Regulation (KassenSichV) stipulates that all compatible tills must be TSE-compliant as of September 30, 2020.

What does "GoBD" mean?

"GoBD" is a German abbreviation, meaning "principles for properly maintaining, keeping and storing books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access”. It was published by the German Federal Ministry of Finance on November 14, 2014.