Onboarding for eCommerce: transparent and personal

Sign an agreement today, get started with onboarding tomorrow – and go live with your online shop live shortly after. We work with you to optimise the process, ensuring that everything goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our Onboarding Team and Technology Team are on hand to answer any questions and address any issues you may have. Your personal contact works directly here in our office – and can be contacted easily by e-mail and telephone. If you would like to keep track of how your onboarding process is progressing, we are also happy to keep you updated throughout.

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Just a few steps to go live

Register free-of-charge and sign the agreement

After signing the service agreement, we can get started with your onboarding process. where applicable, you can also gain insight into the current processing status from this point onwards.

Receive a welcome e-mail with further information

Our Contract Team will contact you by e-mail shortly after completing your registration. This e-mail details exactly which documents we require from you.

Submit any missing documentation

You send us the necessary documents. If you have any questions on these, you can reach your personal contact by e-mail or telephone.

Go live with your online shop

You are now ready to go. Your online shop is ready for your shoppers – and we are by your side to support you with any issues or questions you may have.

Information and documents we need from you

Before you can go live, we first need some important information and documents from you. Our Onboarding Team will let you know what we need from you specifically in your welcome e-mail. We will obviously also contact you if there is anything missing, so you can get this to us as soon as possible. We generally require the following from you:

  • Signed service agreement
  • Completed retailer self-disclosure form
  • Business registration, excerpt from the commercial register or register of companies
  • ID document of the authorised signatory
  • Identification form as per the Money Laundering Act
  • Verifiable live URL for the order placing process
  • Sector-specific documentation (where necessary)

Do you still have questions? If so, please contact our support team