Unzer Direct with Shopify

Shopify is one of the most user-friendly and flexible eCommerce systems. We have developed a module for Shopify that is both easy and hassle-free to use with the Unzer Direct payment gateway.

These benefits really pay off

Seamless integration of our plug-in

Our payment module integrates seamlessly into the Shopify checkout process. Just a few mouse-clicks are needed thanks to the uncomplicated installation.


The admin interface offers beginners a good overview, while also featuring plenty of configuration options for experts.

Numerous extensions

Shopify is easy to extend with many apps. For example, you can integrate a live chat function in your shop.

How to install your plugin

Add payment providers

Click on the following link, log into your Shopify account and click on Install payment providers

Select Unzer Direct

In Shopify, navigate to Settings > Payments > Alternative payments and select Unzer Direct from the list

Enter an API key

In the Unzer Direct Manager, navigate to Settings > Integration and add the agreement ID and the API KEY in Shopify

You can accept the following payment methods

Get everything integrated and working quickly

Integrate solutions individually

We offer you personal and individual consulting on how you can integrate our solutions optimally into your existing environment.

Integrate solutions quickly and conveniently

Our uncomplicated onboarding process familiarises you with our solutions quickly, so you can get everything up and running right away.

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