Direct transfers with Unzer bank transfer

Unzer bank transfer is our direct transfer or payment triggering service. Shoppers can use this to request a transfer conveniently during the checkout process. They do this by entering the access data for their online banking service and then authenticating themselves with a TAN. Unzer bank transfer then checks in real time whether the account has sufficient coverage. Assuming sufficient funds are available, the amount is debited directly. You receive a quick payment confirmation and can dispatch the products. As a white label solution, Unzer bank transfer can be visually matched to the design of your brand. Integration is performed easily via UI components, while those looking for a more individual solution can use a software development kit (SDK) or our REST API.

Why you should accept Unzer bank transfer

Transactions in real time

Unzer bank transfer checks the shopper's account directly during checkout to ensure that sufficient coverage is in place. Assuming there are sufficient funds in the account, the respective amount is debited and a payment confirmation is issued immediately. You can then ship out orders right away without any risk.

Protection from fraudsters

Unzer bank transfer fulfils all requirements of PSD2 and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). This not only prevents payment defaults, but also lays the foundations for secure recurring payments.

Increased conversion rates

Many shoppers prefer to pay by direct transfer when shopping online. With Unzer bank transfer, no third-party provider is visible here. This generates trust and prevents abandoned shopping baskets during the checkout process.

Unzer Verify&Pay: dynamic control of payment methods

If a shopper selects SEPA Direct Debit, purchase on account or purchase in instalments, a credit check is performed in most online shops. If the result of this check is negative, the shopper must select a different payment method. The transaction is otherwise declined during the checkout process – and the purchase likely cancelled. With Unzer Verify&Pay, you can control eCommerce payment methods dynamically. The credit rating of your shoppers is already verified during checkout before they are shown the possible payment options. If the rating is good, your shoppers can then choose from all available payment methods. If the result comes back negative, they are only offered secure methods such as prepayment, PayPal or payment by credit card. This approach helps you increase your conversion rate and, at the same time, reduce risks. The key benefits for you:

  • Real-time credit check during the checkout process
  • Flexible selection of the suitable payment methods per shopper
  • Increased conversion rate thanks to convenient, end-to-end checkout

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