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Alipay is China's leading payment and lifestyle platform. It was founded in 2004 by the Alibaba Group. Alipay now has some 870 million users. Enjoying a market share of 80% in the mobile payment sector and over 50% in the online arena, AliPay is simply indispensable for retailers wishing to sell to China. The many Chinese tourists also prefer to use their domestic payment method when overseas. The most important product here is the Alipay Wallet. Shoppers can use the accompanying app to execute transactions directly on their smartphone.

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Pay off.

870 million active users

Allow the countless AliPay users to pay for your products and services – thereby increasing your con-version rate.

China's most important payment method

Use the market dominance of AliPay to help establish your business in China and the Asian region.

Popular among Chinese tourists

Offer the countless Chinese tourists a familiar payment method while travelling through Europe.