Payment for start-ups

Opt for a payment solution that will grow with you. The Unzer platform offers everything that you need to get your business going.

  • All relevant payment methods, fraud protection included
  • Plug-ins to get your shop running fast
  • Detailed analysis of payment data
  • Dedicated support for start-ups
  • Fair prices, no hidden fees

Flexible and scalable

New markets, sales channels, target groups? With Unzer, you can accept new currencies and local payment methods at any time—without concluding any new contracts.

Insights for higher sales

The Unzer Dashboard gives you a top-down overview of all your transactions. Our reporting and analysis tools let you track your data in real time and optimize your business on the go.

Questions? No problem!

Our start-up experts are there for you—chat with them in the Merchant Portal or call our customer center for fast assistance (German only). Now you can have the help you need whenever you need it.

RUNS AT THE POINT OF SALE ... WITH THE TILLHUB ALL-IN-ONE REGISTER Check out customers, manage stock, track your sales live, export data – do all this easier than ever before with Tillhub’s cloud register. The innovative register system saves you the hassle of running back and forth between your office and the sales room. And another plus: Your staff will get the hand of the intuitive user interface in no time.

MOBILE TERMINALS FOR SECURE CONTACTLESS PAYMENTS Accept payments the easy way in every situation – in your store or outdoors. Our mobile terminals let your customers pay by card or smart device. Large, high-resolution displays and the clear keyboard layout make entering payment data a breeze.

One gateway – all eCommerce opportunities

Our innovative single payment gateway allows you to add or remove new payment methods in your online shop even more quickly and flexibly. You can then offer your shoppers the right mix of payment methods at all times. Our payment page can be matched to the look and feel of your company, while our Unzer payments can be seamlessly integrated. This leads to a streamlined, secure checkout process and helps you increase both your conversion rate and revenue. You can also further upgrade your individual payment solution with the services of our longstanding partners for even faster processes, loyal customers and to boost your company's growth.

Grow with Unzer—like 41,000 merchants across Europe

Payment News: Know more, earn more

RISK-FREE PURCHASE ON ACCOUNT WITH UNZER Purchase on account is one of the most popular payment methods. But many merchants don’t offer it out of fear of payment defaults. Unzer assumes the payment default risk, 100%. Offer purchase on account online and at the POS, and increase your conversion rate.

2021 PAYMENT TRENDS The coronavirus pandemic and ongoing digitalization are changing the face of payment. No-cash solutions are becoming increasingly important, but other trends will also shape the coming years.


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