Manage risks
Minimize payment defaults

Intelligent risk management with a sense of proportion: with credit agencies, credit checks and scoring, we help you avoid payment defaults - without losing valuable sales potential.

Checkout solutions

Integrate quickly
improve conversion.

Your focus should be your business. Your customers. Let our solutions take the burden of endless payment options off your shoulders.

Customized risk strategy

Together with you, we develop a risk strategy that optimally addresses the company, industry and buyer. We also adapt this flexibly after implementation.

Highest process quality

We are always at the cutting edge of technology. This is how we ensure that all processes are carried out smoothly and reliably.

Recommendations for action in real

We provide you with differentiated recommendations for action without wasting time. This enables a fast, secure checkout process and prevents purchase cancellations.

Credit agency

Evaluate data correctly
with our credit agency services.

Data is the capital of every credit agency. Our data pool consists of over 20 million non-overlapping addresses. This includes over 5 million negative features. We have generated these from payment experiences with our own debt collection management. In addition, we have partnerships and premium partnerships with all relevant credit agencies. This way, we can optimally support you in avoiding payment defaults and better control your own risk.

  • over 20 million addresses without overlap
  • over 5 million negative features
  • partnerships with all relevant credit agencies


Check creditworthiness in real time
prevent defaults.

We check the creditworthiness of your purchases without wasting time. This way, we can not only give you individual recommendations for action, but also make your checkout process fast and convenient. Thanks to our additional Verify&Pay risk check, we can dynamically offer each buyer only the payment methods that match their creditworthiness.


Recognise payment behaviour
in advance.

Scoring supplements our credit assessment. We use statistical methods to calculate the probability of non-payment based on data such as age, place of residence or time of order. And to provide you with detailed results and recommendations for action.


Our risk solutions
for all your projects.


Solutions against fraud

Protect yourself and your buyers from fraudsters and criminals. Find out how we can support you with intelligent solutions.


Solutions for collection management

Increase incoming payments and improve your company's credit rating - thanks to professional debt collection services.


Solutions for liquidity management

Maintain your company's solvency. Sell large volumes of outstanding receivables to us.


More knowledge.
More turnover.

We know it pays off.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right solutions & partners. That's why our experts are dedicated to providing you with the advice and support you need to solve this very problem. Maximize the focus on the success of your store.