Pay in Instalments.
Flexible Financing, Completely Digital.

With instalment payments from Unzer, you gain more financial freedom and incentivise your customers to buy. Paying in instalments is a particuarly popular payment method for more expensive purchases. You can increase your average basket sizes and conversion rate – with no risk.

Pay in Instalments – Facts & Figures

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...of the top 1,000 online shops can accept instalment payments from customers. Over two thirds cannot do this yet.¹

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0 1 2 3 the average basket size for purchases made in instalments – a signifcantly higher value than with other payment methods.¹

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Paying in instalments is one of the top three most popular payment methods in Germany.²

¹ EHI: Online Payment Study 2020

² "Shopping 2020 – Entwicklungen des Konsumentenverhaltens und die Relevanz des Ratenkaufs", IFH Köln

How You Benefit

Give Your Customers More Freedom.
It's a Win-Win.

More Revenue

Merchants that offer simple financing options make it easier for customers to make a purchasing decision. At the same time, they encourage spontaneous purchases. Especially when it comes to more expensive products, paying in instalments lowers the purchasing barriers when customers see how the full price can be divided into smaller monthly payments.


Giving customers the option to pay by invoice at a later date is another way to offer more flexibility and reduce abandonment rates.

100% guaranteed payout

Thanks to our payout guarantee, it doesn't matter to you when and whether customers pay their instalments. You receive the full price. We cover the risk of non-payment and can also handle the receivables management if needed.

Long-term customer retention

With Unzer you can allow your customers to pay in instalments, without the paperwork and long processing times. Your customers can apply for the credit digitally and in real time, and they instantly receive a response. Everything is done in just a few clicks – which leads to happy returning customers.

White paper

Paying in Instalments Is the Latest Trend

While consumers are demanding more flexibility, the majority of shops are not able to give their customers the option to pay in instalments. This is a missed opportunity. Learn more about the benefits for merchants, the different instalment payment models, and how instalment payments are processed.

White Label Solutions

Seamless Integration
for a Seamless Payment Experience

A trustworthy payment page has a powerful effect on your conversion rate. Seamlessly integrate our instalment payment solution into your checkout and boost customers' trust in your shop. We do not appear as a third party in your shop, in the instalment payment plan, or in the financial statements that your customers receive. If you want to implement a fully white label solution for instalment payments, then Unzer is the right payment partner for you.

More Details about Unzer Instalment

Maximum Flexibility

Flexible, scalable instalment plans

With Unzer as your payment partner for instalment payments, you have full flexibility. You can choose the repayment terms and decide whether to allow early repayments or repayment pauses. You can also set the interest rate. The instalment calculator gives your customers the transparency to find the right instalment plan.

Online process with quick credit approval

With instalment payments from Unzer, the checkout process is digital for both online shops and physical stores. We check your customers' creditworthiness in real time and instantly approve transactions afterwards. There is no need for lengthy indentity checks. This streamlines the checkout and increases customer satisfaction.

Tailored processes and customer communication

With Unzer you get a complete solution for instalment payments that meets your business's needs. In addition to a white label checkout process, we can also support you with a customer portal in your shop's design. And if you have specific requirements for the dunning process, we can tailor it to suit you and your customers.


Ready in No Time.
Online and In Store.


NEW: Digital instalment payment at the POS

Easily integrate instalment payments into your POS system or mobile app. If a customer decides to pay in instalments, you can start the credit application from your POS system or your app. Your customer enters their personal details from their own smartphone. The credit check runs in real time and the customer completes the purchase on their smartphone. It's as easy as that.


Easy integration for online shops

Use the Unzer REST API or a software developer kit (SDK) to add instalment payment to your online shop. Our payment plugins for ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Shopware also enable you to accept instalment payments. Our support team can help you with any questions related to the technical integration.


Answers to common questions about instalment payments

Can I adjust the payment terms myself?

Yes, with Unzer as your provider for instalment payment you can offer your customers payment terms ranging from 2 to 36 months.

Can I set the interest rates?

Yes, you decide which interest rate best suits your business model and your customers. Choose any rate from 0% financing up to 11.95% interest.

Are online purchases made in instalments processed immediately after the order is placed?

Yes, the credit application and approval take place during the checkout process in real time. For your customers, everything runs simply and seamlessly – they are not redirected to external websites and do not have to perform lengthy identity checks such as POSTIDENT or VideoIdent.

Do my customers have to provide documents such as proof of income when making a purchase in instalments?

No, to make a purchase in instalments, your customers only need to provide a shipping address, email address, date of birth, and IBAN.

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