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Payment in instalments with Unzer instalment

Many shoppers prefer to pay off larger purchases of several hundred euros in smaller instalments. Making this option available to your shoppers can significantly increase your revenue. Not for nothing are around a quarter of the largest German online shops already offering this payment method. Our Unzer instalment white label solution allows you to integrate instalment purchases seamlessly into your checkout process without any visible third-party providers or media disruption. Our UI components are fully matched to the design of your online shop. Integration via a software development kit (SDK) or our REST API allows an even more individual solution.

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Why you should accept Unzer instalment

Set interest rates yourselves

When offering instalment purchases, you specify yourselves how much interest you wish to charge. This gives you greater freedom, allowing you to react more flexibly to various situations when generating revenue.

Authentication without PostIDENT

With Unzer instalment, the identity of your shoppers is authenticated in real time and in the background. Complicated processes such as PostIDENT are not necessary. This streamlines the checkout process and increases conversion rates.

Build trust and confidence with an online quality seal

Unzer instalment fulfils all quality criteria for the online seal of approval thanks to integrated shopper protection, stricter data protection provisions and a money-back guarantee for wrong deliveries or non-deliveries.

Enjoy success across all channels

Increased conversion rate

Enjoy greater sales and avoid abandoned shopping baskets, as customers order more when the money is not debited immediately. Tip: also offer payment in instalments. Customers appreciate flexible financing, especially when it comes to more expensive products.

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Guaranteed payment

You always receive your money, no matter when or whether the customer pays the invoice amount. This is because we assume the entire payment default risk.

The easy way to keep customers loyal

Consumers trust shops that offer purchase on account. They can check what they have purchased in their own time and then make payment. This turns satisfied first-time shoppers into repeat customers.

Integrate this option now and start selling more

Integrate purchase on account seamlessly into your checkout process as a white label solution in the familiar look and feel of your own shop.

In your online shop

Use our software developer kit (SDK) or a REST API to get this payment type up and running quickly in your shop.

At your point of sale

With Unzer, you can integrate purchase on account into both your POS system and your mobile app.


Over 25% of eCommerce revenue is processed via purchase on account. Unzer is now also bringing this top payment type to brick and mortar retailers. Would you like to be among the first shops to offer purchase on account in-store?

  1. Ideal for high-priced products
  2. Increased conversion rates and shopping basket values
  3. Real-time credit check
  4. Faster and more customer friendly sales
  5. Flexible integration via till or app

Would you like to offer purchase on account? If so, our experts on are hand to help