Accept Pay By Link – without an online shop or checkout

You do not necessarily need an online shop with a complete payment system in order to process online purchases. Pay By Link is the easy, almost immediately available alternative – which can also be used at brick and mortar retailers. Simply send your shoppers an e-mail or WhatsApp message with the payment link. They can then pay conveniently with the preferred payment method. You are also notified immediately once the transaction has been completed. Contactless, secure and without programming costs.

These benefits really pay off

No online shop required

Process digital transactions without an online shop or complete backend.

Available to brick and mortar retailers

Accept orders by telephone or mail. Receive payments by link.

Use without prior IT knowledge

Use PayByLink for your payments without the need for programming knowledge or additional costs.

You send the payment link Create a payment link on the dashboard – based on the invoice amount and shopper information. Then send this by e-mail, WhatsApp or social media to your shoppers.

Your shoppers pay Your shoppers click on the payment link. On the PayByLink website, they can then select the right payment method from the various options offered.

You get the products ready Once a payment has been received, you automatically receive a confirmation. You can now ship the order or allow the customer to collect it from your premises.

Send a payment link via all channels

Send payment links during a telephone call, for example from a call centre.

Direct your shoppers to the checkout process via WhatsApp or other social media channels.

Send a payment link by e-mail to process purchases without an online shop.

Add a payment link to your invoices – making the whole payment process more convenient for your shoppers.

Get everything integrated and working quickly

Integrate solutions individually

We offer you personal and individual consulting on how you can integrate our solutions optimally into your existing environment.

Integrate solutions quickly and conveniently

Our uncomplicated onboarding process familiarises you with our solutions quickly, so you can get everything up and running right away.

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