Unified Commerce:
Seamless Customer Experiences on Every Channel

Move beyond an omnichannel strategy and offer an unparalleled customer experience. By adopting a unified commerce strategy, you centralise customer and product data on a single platform. No matter whether your customers buy online, in-store, or via an app, they have a consistent experience – and you have a better overview of all channels.

Facts & Figures on Unified Commerce

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of Gen Z shoppers would pay more for great customer experiences. ¹

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is the average number of channels a customer engages with before making a purchase.²

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of consumers compare prices using their smartphone.³

¹ Salesforce – Millennials vs. Gen Z: How Are They Different?

² McKinsey – Redefine the omnichannel approach: Focus on what truly matters

³ ECC Payment Study Vol. 26

How You Benefit

Better for Your Customers,
Better for Your Business.

Improved customer experience and retention

Customers don’t think in terms of channels – they just want a smooth buying process. Unified commerce allows you to offer customers the same outstanding buying experience on every channel, so customers keep coming back for more. The more channels your customers engage with, the more they are likely to buy.

More detailed understanding of customer behaviour

Do your customers browse products online and purchase in-store? Or do they collect products in store and pay later using their smartphones? By consolidating payments, delivery data, and online and physical stores on one platform, you get the complete picture of your customers’ buying journeys.

Greater flexibility and efficiency

By replacing siloed systems with a central platform for all customer interactions, you can move from a fragmented process to a continuous flow of information. Unified commerce enables you to be more agile, respond to customer needs, and tailor your special offers and loyalty programs to your target customers.

White paper

Unified Commerce: Optimise the Customer Experience

Implementing a unified commerce strategy involves many areas of your business. Modernising your payment solutions is a good place to start. Download our unified commerce white paper for more in-depth explanations of unified commerce and its related trends, as well as tips for implementation.

Unified Commerce Starts with a Strong Payment Partner

We offer solutions that cover all stages of the payment process, both online and in store. From payment acceptance and smart POS terminals to white label BNPL solutions, analytics, and risk management – we can give you all the tools you need to build your unified commerce strategy. Contact us to start your journey.

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