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Do your shoppers visit both your retail shop and your online shop? Despite using classic methods such as credit cards, are they increasingly also looking to use mobile options? We match our solutions to your company's requirements. This approach ensures that the solutions provide optimum support for your individual omnichannel concept.

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Some facts and figures on the omnichannel sector

162 billion euros

In Europe alone, electronic payments worth 162 billion euros were processed in 2019¹.

73% Omnichannel buyers

The majority of shoppers visit both the stores and the online store of a company².

14% growth of Omnichannel stores

Omnichannel stores have the biggest growth in retail³.

One gateway – all eCommerce opportunities

Our innovative single payment gateway allows you to add or remove new payment methods in your online shop even more quickly and flexibly. You can then offer your shoppers the right mix of payment methods at all times. Our payment page can be matched to the look and feel of your company, while our Unzer payments can be seamlessly integrated. This leads to a streamlined, secure checkout process and helps you increase both your conversion rate and revenue. You can also further upgrade your individual payment solution with the services of our longstanding partners for even faster processes, loyal customers and to boost your company's growth.

Personal, direct, regional: our services for the POS

Our regional sales representatives analyse the situation in your branches. They provide valuable advice and support in selecting the right terminals and ensure professional installation. Your personal contact continues to support your company while you are our customer. With our high-performance solutions for both classic and mobile payment, we support you in integrating seamless payment experiences, digitising your processes, as well as implementing customer loyalty programmes.

Our risk management system for the retail trade

Our risk management system supports you in preventing payment defaults, while maintaining valuable sales opportunities. We always act with sound judgement here. Our in-house credit agency, featuring over 20 million distinct addresses and around 5 million negative characteristics, facilitates a detailed analysis. Our credit check provides real-time recommendations – without slowing down your checkout process. Scoring is the perfect complement to this. We tailor all measures specifically to your company's requirements and then optimise them continuously.

200 payment methods, 160 countries, all currencies

These benefits really pay off

Blog Artikel

Wie sieht der Zahlungsverkehr am Point of Sale der (nahen) Zukunft aus? Und auf welche Herausforderungen müssen sich Retailer einstellen? Fest steht: Die Digitalisierung macht vor dem Handel keinen Halt. Gefragt sind innovative Zahlungsabwicklungslösungen, die auch Omni-Channel-Konzept-fähig sind.

These benefits really pay off

Face-to-face consulting

We analyse your company's requirements in a face-to-face meeting. We also remain available to you at all times throughout the entire cooperation period.

Individual solutions

No matter whether brick and mortar retailers or eCommerce – we offer you tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of your products and sector.

Uncomplicated integration

Our solutions can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape. Our Technical Support is on hand to provide you with the help you need here.

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¹ Quelle: EZB Statistik 2019, ² Quelle: Harvard Business Review study, ³ Quelle: EHI Omnichannel Stuide 2019