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Paying with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the payment system of the technology company Apple. Shoppers can use this system to make secure, contactless payments in businesses, apps or online shops. They simply hold their smartphone next to the POS terminal and place their finger on the Touch ID. The transaction is then executed using NFC (near field communication) technology and their own e-Wallet app. For this to work, users must simply set up a credit card that is compatible for use with Apple.

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Why you should accept Apple Pay

Attract Apple users

Apple Pay is available on all more recent iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches.

Increase both revenue and shopping basket values

Offering the preferred payment method of many Apple users can increase their willingness to buy.

Prevent cancellations and abandoned shopping baskets

The streamlined checkout process with authentication by Touch ID can increase conversion rates.

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Integrate solutions quickly and conveniently

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