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AfB embraces "Buy Now, Pay Later" for Used IT Hardware

AfB offers an affordable and sustainable alternative to new laptops, smartphones, and more with like-new used hardware. 

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Retail (E-commerce and POS)


Used and refurbished IT hardware, including notebooks and smartphones


Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal, Invoice and Installment Purchasing (Whitelabel)

UNZER Solutions

Modern life is unimaginable without IT devices – whether for personal or professional use. With each new smartphone or laptop, environmental strain from CO2 emissions increases. AfB focuses on a circular economy and sustainable handling of IT hardware. The company refurbishes used business IT and markets it. "Social & green IT" is their motto – in addition to conserving resources, they also prioritize social responsibility. At AfB ("Work for People with Disabilities"), people with and without disabilities work hand in hand in an inclusive, barrier-free environment. 

Giving IT Hardware a "Second Life" as a Winning Concept

Since the founding of the non-profit IT company in 2004 in Ettlingen, Baden-Württemberg, AfB has experienced rapid growth. The idea of giving discarded hardware a new lifecycle is particularly appealing in times of climate crisis. Today, the company operates in e-commerce and with physical stores in five European markets – Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, and Slovakia. AfB runs 18 sales locations and employs 850 staff members. Payment played an essential role in every growth step and business internationalization. AfB has been collaborating with Unzer for several years, although it was initially under a different name and a current subsidiary. AfB uses the Shopware 5 e-commerce platform and processes credit card, PayPal, and invoice and installment purchases with Unzer. 

"Buy Now, Pay Later" builds trust

Many consumers are skeptical about second-hand products of any kind, even if the savings potential is attractive and they support the idea of sustainability. The problem is that customers feel uncertain about what they're getting. To successfully market "refurbished" IT devices, it's crucial to win customers' trust. AfB does this in various ways.

The shop offers a voluntary 12-month warranty for most sold products. Additionally, AfB provides maximum transparency in product descriptions: customers know exactly what "grading" (quality classification) a product has – for example, "like new" or just "good."

AfB also scores points with invoice purchasing, a payment method customers trust. Those considering buying a refurbished smartphone or laptop for the first time are more likely to follow through if they can inspect the product before paying for it.

Whitelabel Invoice and Installment Purchasing Pay Off

In addition to invoice purchasing, installment payments are becoming increasingly popular at AfB. With the flexible financing solution, customers can comfortably pay for expensive IT hardware in multiple installments. Besides the range of payment options, their design also influences a shop's revenue. To achieve the best possible conversion, AfB has integrated invoice and installment.

enna cofounders Tim Haug and Jakob Bergmeier

Mit den Bezahloptionen Rechnungs- und Ratenkauf ermöglichen wir noch mehr Kunden den Zugang zu unseren Produkten und fördern damit die Kreislaufwirtschaft und nachhaltigen Konsum im IT-Bereich.

Dominik Gomer, Head of eCommerce AfB Group 

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