White Label Payment: For a Checkout Your Customers Will Trust

Show your customers that they are in the best hands with a seamless payment process in your online shop's look and feel. Bring your brand into focus and win your customers' trust. With a white label payment gateway, you can increase your revenue.

White Label Payment – Facts & Figures

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higher conversion with white label pay by invoice solutions compared to invoice payment with third-party branding.¹

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higher order value after implementing a white label payment solution.¹

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fewer basket abandonments with white label payment methods in comparison to payment methods with third-party branding.¹

¹ Bilendi Study 2021

How You Benefit

White Label Payment
Helps Your Brand Boost Revenue

Trustworthy Checkout

Trust is all-important when comes to payment. Avoid covering your payment page in multiple third-party logos and put the focus on your own brand. So you can offer a high-quality checkout experience that matches the look and feel of your online shop.

Fewer Abandonments, More Conversions

A smooth and trustworthy payment process that doesn't redirect to external websites has a positive effect on your conversion rate. Your customers will feel more secure when shopping on your website – and you'll benefit from more revenue.

Better Customer Retention

Customers remember positive shopping experiences. If they find your payment process simple and secure, their trust in your brand will grow. This increases the probability that they will purchase from you again in the future.

White Label Payment Methods

Four White Label Solutions
for a Seamless Payment Experience

Do you prefer to pay by invoice or direct debit? Most customers have a favourite payment method. As a white label payment provider, we help you find the right mix of payment methods.

Pay by Invoice Online and at the POS

Paying by invoice is a popular option: Offer this payment method in your corporate design to appeal to customers and build trust in your online shop.

  • Real-time credit checks and protection against high-risk customers
  • A fully white label experience (including invoices and payment reminders) builds trust
  • Quick, guaranteed payout whether your customers pay on time or not
  • Available for private and business customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands
  • Receivables management is handled by Unzer

Pay in Instalments Online and at the POS

Make your online shop even more appealing to customers – with white label instalment payment. Easy to manage and zero risk.

  • Choose your own interest rate
  • Real-time protection against high-risk customers
  • Credit is granted quickly and digitally, both online and at the POS
  • Guaranteed payout
  • Receivables management is handled by Unzer

Bank Transfer

With white label bank transfers from Unzer, you can enable your customers to easily make transactions in real time.

  • Secure authentication with online banking details and TAN
  • Real-time check of account balance
  • Instant payment confirmation and account debiting
  • Fulfils PSD2 and SCA requirements
  • Easy integration

Direct Debit

Offer your customers the most used payment method in ecommerce – in your company's branding.

  • Reusable direct debit authorisations
  • Increased probability of repeat purchases
  • Avoid additional fees
  • Real-time credit checks and protection against high-risk customers
  • Easy to manage
In-house solutions vs. white label PSP

Save Time and Money
with a Solution from Unzer

Payment expertise

Developing your own payment solution and keeping it technically up to date takes a lot of time and investment. But there is an easier option: Unzer offers you tailored white label payment solutions that are scalable, regularly optimised, and fulfil all legal requirements.

Reliable risk management

We develop the best risk strategy for every payment method. With credit agency services, real-time credit checks, and payment method recommendations, we minimise the risk of payment defaults. You can rely on our years of experience.

Support and transparency

We're with you all the way, supporting you with the integration, quickly solving technical issues, and evaluating and developing your solution. With Unzer, you can be sure your customers' data is secure and will not be used by us for upselling.


Answers to common questions about white label payment

What does "white label" mean?

If a product or service is "white label", it is offered without the name and branding of its manufacturer or provider. In payment, a white label payment method appears without the logo of the payment provider. Instead, it is integrated in the merchant's online shop design. The payment provider stays in the background and processes the transactions. The shop's customers do not see this – they experience a seamless sand trustworthy payment process in the merchant's brand design.

What are the benefits of white label solutions?

With a payment process that perfectly fits into your shop's design, you can build trust in your shop and your brand. Customers feel safe while paying and are not distracted by third-party logos or redirected to external websites. This decreases the chances of basket abandonment and increases your conversion rate. A positive payment experience with a white label payment gateway can also improve customer retention. With a white label solution from Unzer, all the focus is on your brand name during the payment process and customer communication. Unzer remains in the background as an experienced payment provider and ensures that the payment process goes smoothly.

Does Unzer offer white label solutions for the point of sale?

Yes, you can integrate our white label pay by invoice and pay in instalment solutions at the POS in your physical stores. You can also integrate them into your till system or your store’s mobile app.

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