SEPA Direct Debit scheme with Unzer direct debit

The SEPA Direct Debit scheme is among the most popular payment methods in the German online retail segment. Not only can the scheme be used throughout Europe, the funds also arrive in your online shop quickly. This is because you determine the timing of the debit yourselves. The SEPA authorisation only needs to be issued one time and can then be used for all recurring payments. This is convenient for your shoppers and important for your subscription business. With our Unzer direct debit white label solution, you also retain full control of your own customer relations. As a third-party provider, we are not visible to your customers. The UI components are also matched to the visual look and feel of your brand. Integration via software development kit (SDK) or REST API offers even more individualisation options.

Why you should accept Unzer direct debit

Use authorisations repeatedly

Direct debit authorisations only need to be issued one time. This simplifies recurring payments, saving both you and your customers time. You can then, for example, make use of one-click payments or automatic debiting of subscription premiums.

Build trust and confidence throughout Europe

As a reliable, cross-border payment method, the SEPA Direct Debit scheme helps you expand your business throughout Europe. The seamless checkout process without visible third-party providers also prevents abandoned shopping baskets.

Prevent payment defaults

Incorrect bank details or a lack of funds are no problem with Unzer direkt debit. Our risk assessment system checks the credit rating of your shoppers in real time and then only suggests suitable payment methods.

Unzer Verify&Pay: dynamic control of payment methods

If a shopper selects SEPA Direct Debit, purchase on account or purchase in instalments, a credit check is performed in most online shops. If the result of this check is negative, the shopper must select a different payment method. The transaction is otherwise declined during the checkout process – and the purchase likely cancelled. With Unzer Verify&Pay, you can control eCommerce payment methods dynamically. The credit rating of your shoppers is already verified during checkout before they are shown the possible payment options. If the rating is good, your shoppers can then choose from all available payment methods. If the result comes back negative, they are only offered secure methods such as prepayment, PayPal or payment by credit card. This approach helps you increase your conversion rate and, at the same time, reduce risks. The key benefits for you:

  • Real-time credit check during the checkout process
  • Flexible selection of the suitable payment methods per shopper
  • Increased conversion rate thanks to convenient, end-to-end checkout

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