Credit checks

Check credit ratings in real time – anticipate defaults before they happen

Get a more accurate impression of your shoppers during the checkout process. Prevent payment defaults before they even occur. We perform our credit checks in real time and make the results available to you without any delays in the process.

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These benefits really pay off

Individual recommendations

No matter which sector and whether B2B or B2C: we match our recommendations precisely to your specific requirements and your shoppers' shopping baskets.

Checkout process without any delays

We check the credit rating of your customers in real time. This keeps your checkout process both fast and streamlined, while at the same time preventing abandoned shopping baskets.

Dynamic adjustment of the payment methods

With our Verify&Pay risk check, the payment methods you offer are automatically matched to the credit rating of each shopper.

How the Unzer credit check works

Before a credit check is integrated, a strategy should first be specified as to whose credit standing is even to be checked. Would you prefer to check only new customers, customers with conspicuous shopping baskets or rather everyone?

Negative characteristics are used as standard when performing a credit check. Dunning notices, collections characteristics, entries in the debtor register and much more can all be taken into account. We draw on our data records with over 5 million negative characteristics here.

For even more precise predictions, we also draw on the 44 million data records of our partner Bürgel Wirtschafsinformationen GmbH. Within the scope of our Verify&Pay risk assessment, we use the data pool of our premium partner Schufa Holding AG. Your own positive and negative lists can of course also be integrated into your credit checks.

If negative characteristics are evident when checking the payment history of your customer, you receive detailed recommendations. You can then reach an individual decision as to whether you wish to conclude the transaction or not.

If the result of the credit check is positive, you can offer your customer the popular, yet also risky payment methods of purchase on account and in instalments, as well as SEPA Direct Debit. However, should your customer have a poor credit rating, you can specify that you will only accept secure payment types such as prepayment or payment by credit card. This allows you to make optimum use of existing revenue potential, while at the same time controlling your financial risk.

Unzer Verify&Pay: dynamic control of payment methods

If a shopper selects SEPA Direct Debit, purchase on account or purchase in instalments, a credit check is performed in most online shops. If the result of this check is negative, the shopper must select a different payment method. The transaction is otherwise declined during the checkout process – and the purchase likely cancelled.

With Unzer Verify&Pay, you can control eCommerce payment methods dynamically. The credit rating of your shoppers is already verified during checkout before they are shown the possible payment options. If the rating is good, your shoppers can then choose from all available payment methods. If the result comes back negative, they are only offered secure methods such as prepayment, PayPal or payment by credit card. This approach helps you increase your conversion rate and, at the same time, reduce risks. The key benefits for you:

  • Real-time credit check during the checkout process
  • Flexible selection of the suitable payment methods per shopper
  • Increased conversion rate thanks to convenient, end-to-end checkout

Consulting for credit assessment

Would you like to be advised individually? Please contact us: Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible. Together they will analyze the needs of your company.

Solutions for Enterprise

We offer large companies tailor-made solutions. These are tailored to the individual requirements of your industry and your portfolio.

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