Stationary terminal

DESK/5000: stationary and extendible

A shopper wishes to pay by card. Your checkout employee hands her the terminal. In just a few seconds, the shopper has entered her PIN and the payment is confirmed. She smiles as she is handed her shopping bag and receipt – and is sure to return again soon. The next customer is also happy, as he sees that the queue in front of him is moving fast. The checkout process really can be this easy. With the right POS terminal.

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These benefits really pay off

Shorter queues at the checkout

Thanks to the user-friendly design and fast payment processing via LAN or WLAN, all shoppers are checked out faster.

Modern shopping experiences

Contactless payments are now so well established that they can almost be described as the standard. Mobile payments are also becoming increasing popular, for example thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Secure payment processing

The Desk/5000 is certified to the latest regulations, such as EMV and PCI PTS 4.x, and meets the requirements of the German credit industry.

A closer look at the DESK/5000

User-friendly design

With its high resolution touchscreen display and clear keypad layout, the Desk/5000 features a highly user-friendly design. The contactless reader positioned above the display supports NFC-capable smartphones. The communication box, which is connected via a central cable, makes for a clean and tidy checkout area.

Fast connection and transaction processing

The Ethernet interface facilitates a fast connection. WLAN can also be used as an option to enable flexible installation at changing locations. The high performance Telium TETRA technology and the Cortex A5 processor also guarantee fast transactions, even when using complex cryptography.

Certified to all regulations

The Desk/5000 is certified to all current regulations, such as EMV and PCI PTS 4.x, and meets the requirements of the German credit industry. It can handle all international debit and credit cards securely, including girocards, as well as offering numerous additional functions.

Tried and tested, configurable software

With the Telium TETRA platform, you benefit from 30 years of experience in secure payment transactions. The sophisticated application software supports all established payment methods in the German market.

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Integration for chain stores and franchise systems

We perform individual analyses to determine the optimum approach for integrating our solutions into your branches and shops.

Integration for smaller shops

Discover how the process works: from an on-site requirements analysis, all the way up to integration of the hardware.

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