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Paying with Diners Club INTERNATIONAL® & Discover

Diners Club INTERNATIONAL® is not only particularly popular in the US and Great Britain, but is also part of the Discover network. This allows over 150 million¹ global shoppers to use their preferred payment method. The payment method also enjoyed a 37%² increase in volume between 2017 and 2018.

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Why you should accept Diners Club® & Discover

Generate additional revenue

The Discover Network offers you over $375 billion in revenue opportunities.

Attract shoppers from the US and UK

Diners Club® is very popular, particularly in the United States and Great Britain

Secure and reliable

Thanks to the Diners Club® ProtectBuy process, both you and your shoppers are protected from fraud.

Get everything integrated and working quickly

Integrate solutions individually

We offer you personal and individual consulting on how you can integrate our solutions optimally into your existing environment.

Integrate solutions quickly and conveniently

Our uncomplicated onboarding process familiarises you with our solutions quickly, so you can get everything up and running right away.

¹ Participant reports of the Discover Global Network and RBR Global Cards Data and forecast until 2023, 10/2018, ² Internal DFS data, comparison of 2017 vs. 2018

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