Collections: receivables management for medium-sized companies and corporate groups

Professional collections management is extremely important for all commercial enterprises. Whether a large international corporation or a medium-sized company, whether eCommerce or a local shop owner: having too many outstanding receivables leads to liquidity issues. As a member of the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies (BDIU), our partner UNIVERSUM Group collects your receivables in a professional and friendly manner. This releases your employees, who can then focus on your core business.

These benefits really pay off

Improved credit standing

Reliable receivables management increases inpayments – and thereby improves your credit standing.

Protect customer relations

As a member of the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies (BDIU), the UNIVERSUM Group always approaches your debtors in a professional and polite, yet resolute manner.

Fast and personal support

We are on hand to support your employees and also debtors in various languages and across many channels.

Collection Processes

Collection Processes

Collection Processes:
Professional and personal

Outstanding receivables tie up both your capital and your employees' time. You can counteract this with a professional collections partner. We have been recovering outstanding funds for our customers both quickly and successfully for more than 35 years. Our focus here is on collections management for a large number of receivables. Some of the benefits for you:

  • No unnecessary harshness when dealing with debtors
  • High receivables recovery rate through friendly yet resolute communication
  • Continuous further development of your collections management
  • Continuous further training of our collections personnel
  • Data protection compliant collections processes

International Collections
Manage overseas receivables

International collections are absolutely indispensible for many sectors - especially for enterprises looking to exploit global networking opportunities and advance into international markets. After all, you are just as likely to encounter customers who refuse to pay overseas as you are in your domestic market. The UNIVERSUM Group, in cooperation with a partner company, collects your outstanding receivables worldwide - thereby securing your liquidity. This offers you many benefits, including:

  • Entire worldwide receivables process from a single source
  • Many years of experience in international collections management
  • High degree of collections expertise in various markets
  • Communication available in many different languages

Collection Field Service
Our collection field service for your outstanding debts

If your debtors do not respond to payment requests either in writing or on the telephone, a collection field service can help. You can commission this service at any point during the collections process. It is typically more affordable, and thereby subject to fewer risks, than using a bailiff. Our field service agents have all been psychologically trained in how to handle debtors. Their friendly yet resolute manner helps secure a high debt recovery rate – without harming customer relations. The benefits of this for you include:

  • Low costs in comparison with judicial debt recovery proceedings
  • Activation of non-responsive debtors
  • High debt recovery rate thanks to personal contact
  • Professional, friendly interactions with debtors

Consulting on our collection services

Would you like some individual advice? If so, please contact us and our colleagues will get back to you promptly. They will then work with you to analyse your company's requirements.

Solutions for Enterprise

We offer large companies tailor-made solutions. These are tailored to the individual requirements of your industry and your portfolio.

Our solutions for all your projects

Liquidity management solutions

Maintain your company's solvency. Sell large quantities of outstanding receivables to us.

Solutions for risk management

Solutions for risk managementOur risk assessment system evaluates the credit rating of your shoppers in real time. This allows you to prevent payment defaults directly in the checkout process.

Anti-fraud solutions

Protect both yourself and your shoppers from fraudsters and criminals. Learn how we can support you in this regard with intelligent solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on this topic

What does the term "collections" mean?

The term "collections" describes the business-related recovery of outstanding receivables . It can be used whenever a debtor fails to make a payment that is due to the respective creditor. In this case, the creditor engages a collection agency, which is commissioned with recovering the respective amount.

What process is followed for collections?

If a customer fails to pay an outstanding invoice despite having received multiple reminders, the company seeking to recover the amount can pass on the receivable to a collection agency. This agency then collects the receivable in the name of the company. Alternatively, the receivable can be assigned in full to the collection agency.

How do online shops handle collections?

In the event of a payment default, owners of online shops also rely on service providers that specialise in risk and receivables management to collect outstanding amounts from their respective debtors. However, shop owners often also use other services of companies before things get this far, such as credit checks , to protect themselves from payment defaults.