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Hi there, we are the team from Unzer. We work together to find innovative payment solutions for our customers and help each other improve. Our focus here is on getting a bit better each day, as we enjoy learning new things and developing our skills. Do you feel the same? Then we would be delighted to get to know you.

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Our values. How we act.

We adapt to our environment. We reach decisions quickly as speed is more important than perfection. We use language that is simple, clear and to the point. We are innovative and smart. We encourage innovative and unorthodox thinking. We base our decisions on data.

We are honest and transparent. We engage in proactive communication. We address things directly and unambiguously, although always with respect. We are collaborative and accessible. We actively seek input and listen to understand. We thrive on community and diversity. We are easy to reach and quick to respond.

We are trustworthy and reliable. We only promise what we can deliver. We see promises as binding obligations. We offer services you can rely on. We are knowledgeable and candid. We are experts in our field. We share facts and specialist knowledge in a straightforward way.

We are ambitious and bold. We are curious. We anticipate future market needs.  We actively shape the future of payments by listening to our customers and their customers. We take entrepreneurial initiative. We are entrepreneurs – just like our customers. We are proactive in taking ownership. We are willing to take measured risks and consider a mistake an opportunity to learn.

We are looking for the following experts:

Tech experts We develop future-proof payment solutions. We protect our clients from risks using AI. We optimise our innovative single payment gateway and constantly work hard to ensure that everything feels easy and convenient to use. Since this can often become quite complex, our team of developers includes a lot of quick-thinking and sharp-minded employees. The team is also always happy to welcome new members.

Commercial experts Our commercial team is not made up of Excel acrobats, PowerPoint fanatics or sales staff. Yes, our colleagues are of course more than capable of all these things. Above all, however, they are able to think beyond the boundaries of calculations and presentation charts. After all, the payment landscape is becoming increasingly confusing. This is why our team knows our customers in and out and develops the best offers and solutions for every company.

Product experts Our product managers support the entire development process: from the first idea, through implementation, all the way up to iteration. Each manager is responsible for one product, keeping track of all related factors/issues and thereby helping to keep the responsible team of experts performing at the top level. In collaboration with the product design and tech team, they get our payment solutions ready for the market.

4 steps to your next big career move


You apply either for a specific job vacancy or on your own initiative. Our HR department will then get in touch with shortly.

Talk to us

In a face-to-face meeting, you get to know both the HR department and your own specialist department. You also have the opportunity to try out your potential future position.

Receive an offer

If everything went well during the interview, HR will make you an offer. This is already coordinated with the respective specialist department.

Sign a contract and get started

If both parties agree, we will send you your employment contract to sign – and look forward to welcoming you to our team.

We can offer you the following positions: