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Dakine Shop: Seamless Payment Processing Online and In-Store

The sportswear and outdoor clothing brand adds new payment methods, such as pay by invoice, with Unzer as its payment partner.

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Fans of outdoor sports such as surfing, snowboarding, and biking are sure to know Dakine. The clothing and sports equipment brand was founded in Hawaii in 1979 on Maui’s North Shore. With its Hawaiian name and history of innovating in surface water sports, Dakine is synonymous with surfing culture. Its European branch, Dakine Shop, partnered with Unzer to offer more payment methods online and in-store.

Offering the Payment Methods That Customers Demand

As Dakine became more popular outside of the USA, Jason Fischer founded Dakine Shop in 1999. The small mail-order business rapidly rose to success in Germany. Specialising in ecommerce, Dakine Shop is now one of the largest online shops for Dakine products with over 7,500 products including clothing, rucksacks, sports equipment and accessories, and streetwear. For customers who would like to see products in person, Dakine Shop also has a store in Ottobrunn near Munich, Germany.

Many customers wanted the option to pay by invoice, giving them the flexibility to try out their purchases and pay for them later. However, Dakine Shop was not initially able to meet this demand. In order to offer customers more payment methods and a better checkout experience, Dakine Shop partnered with Unzer.

More Options for Customers, Better Service for Dakine

With Unzer, Dakine Shop can now offer its customers the option to pay by invoice for online purchases. Shoppers simply select invoice payment and receive an invoice via email, payable within 14 days. This gives customers the chance to try out products risk-free. In the background, Unzer performs a real-time credit check to help ensure Dakine Shop receives timely payment.

Unzer also processes online payments made by credit card and bank transfer. For purchases made in store, customers can pay by credit or Giro card. Dakine benefits from having one payment partner for all its needs, leading to better service and support and seamless payment processes. “We chose Unzer because they can do it all,“ says Dakine Shop founder and CEO Jason Fischer. “It’s all in-house, which leads to better service. We have one contact partner and it’s a smooth process. It’s the best service from a payment partner that we’ve ever had.”

With Unzer we can now offer our customers a much wider range of payment methods. We now also offer the option to pay by invoice. This was the payment method our customers wanted for a long time, but we previously were not able to offer.

Jason Fischer, CEO and founder, Dakine Shop

A Checkout That Meets the Customer’s Every Need

With the extended selection of payment methods, Dakine Shop can offer its customers an optimised checkout experience. Jason Fischer is also happy with the service he gets from Unzer: “With Unzer, we fulfil the customer’s every need at the checkout. In addition, we feel extremely well supported with Unzer, we get great data insights, and all our questions are answered very quickly.”

This improved payment experience puts Dakine Shop in a good position to continue its impressive growth.

The combination of personal support and a wide range of payment methods makes Unzer the ideal payment partner.

Jason Fischer, CEO and founder, Dakine Shop

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