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Moodbowl: Quick and Easy Payments to Go

How two passionate food truck owners put a smile on customers’ faces with healthy food and seamless payments.

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Vegan rice bowls and smoothie bowls



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What started on a trip to Bali is now a much-loved name on the Berlin street food scene. Since 2019, Anja and Patrick have been sharing their passion for healthy, vegan rice bowls and smoothie bowls with the people of Berlin. Their food truck business, Moodbowl, promises to make “healthy food for every mood”. And now with the new POS Go terminal from Unzer, they can accept payments more efficiently.

Watch the video to hear Moodbowl’s story

Vegan Smoothie Bowls: From Bali to Berlin

While travelling in Bali, Anja and Patrick discovered smoothie bowls: breakfast dishes made with soy or coconut milk and topped with fruit and granola. They immediately fell in love with them and came up with the idea to offer these bowls as a healthy alternative at festivals in Germany. Today, you can find the Moodbowl truck at various events, markets, and festivals in Berlin and the surrounding area. The two founders also offer catering services for private parties and company events.

Their mission is to demonstrate that street food can be healthy as well as tasty. They also strive to be as sustainable as possible by using regional, organic products and biodegradable packaging. In addition to smoothie bowls, Moodbowl also sells rice bowls with ingredients such as spicy sweet potato, tofu, tempeh, and pumpkin. The inspiration for the dishes comes from the founders’ travels around the world: “We both love food, but we love it even more to cook for other people,” says Anja. “Especially with vegan food, it’s really interesting to experiment with different ingredients, herbs, and spices.”

We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, tasty, vegan food at a fair price. Our bowls make you happy and fill you up without putting you in a food coma.

Patrick, Cofounder of Moodbowl

Moodbowl’s dishes are all freshly prepared, vegan, and free from refined sugar and additives.

A Compact Payment Terminal for Easy Payments

Part of Moodbowl’s charm is the small trailer which Anja and Patrick take with them to events. This is where they prepare and sell their bowls. In such a limited space, it was crucial to the two founders to have a small, portable, and reliable payment terminal. That is why they opted for the POS Go terminal from Unzer. The Android-based device enables customers to pay with debit cards, credit cards, and mobile wallets. It is compact, flexible, and features WiFi and 4G connectivity – so it is always ready to accept payments, no matter where the Moodbowl trailer is parked.

Although the demand for digital payment methods is high, they still aren’t very well established in the street food scene. That’s why we are happy to be partners with Unzer – digital payments have never been easier.

Patrick, Cofounder of Moodbowl

With the new payment terminal, Anja and Patrick are able to serve their customers more efficiently. Anja says, “The best thing about running a food truck is when customers come back to you at the end of a day with a smile and some positive feedback.”  By making the payment process even easier for their customers, the Moodbowl founders have added another ingredient to their recipe for success.

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