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Fast onboarding and certification of merchants. Automated provisioning and payout. Straightforward processing of mixed shopping carts and returns. Transparent management of transactions. Provision of vouchers with or without merchant participation. Our ZAG-compliant and PCI-DSS compliant marketplace solution offers you everything you need to successfully scale your business.

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Your focus should be your business. Your customers. Let our solutions take the burden of endless payment options off your shoulders.

Establish and maintain dealer relationships

Perform onboarding of new merchants in a paperless manner.

Process orders smoothly

Manage mixed shopping carts with little effort. Organize partial credits, cancellations and returns with ease. Accept payment methods from all over the EU.

Avoid surprises, seize opportunities

Protect yourself from non-payments. Use a ZAG-compliant and PCI-DSS certified solution. Keep track of all transactions and important data.

Mixed shopping carts

Even if you offer items from different merchants on your online marketplace - your buyers should be able to order them with one collected payment. This way, you can increase the value in the shopping cart and boost sales. Our marketplace solution makes this possible. Partial credits and partial cancellations are of course still possible.


On our Intelligence Platform you can not only monitor all transactions and view them in detail. Returns can also be processed easily. It doesn't matter if you want to return the whole order or just a part of it. The necessary debtor functions are controlled by you or the marketplace participants. Alternatively, they can also be integrated into your environment via API interface.


Via our user-friendly onboarding portal, new merchants register themselves on the online marketplace. As the operator, you can control all necessary steps in an uncomplicated way. Paperless. At home or abroad. And in accordance with ZAG/GWG requirements.


With our marketplace solution, you can easily create commission models for individual merchants. Settlement takes place directly with the payment of the sales. Invoicing or calculation by yourself is not necessary.


Our marketplace solution is ZAG-compliant and PCI-DSS certified. Integrated risk management and real-time credit checks prevent payment defaults. Escrow accounts protect you from insolvency. Thanks to customizable reporting, you won't miss any important data and developments - and can make the most of opportunities. If you have any questions or problems, our in-house support will help you.

Voucher Processing

Everyone knows someone who seems to have everything. That's why vouchers for online marketplaces are popular as gifts. Because here the recipient can choose something from a variety of goods. Practical for your buyers - and an additional source of revenue for you. With our marketplace solution, you can easily provide vouchers for end customers. The vouchers can be issued with or without the participation of the merchants.

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