Mobile terminal

MOVE/5000: mobil und flexibel

"Can we pay, please? Ideally by card." The guests at table three really enjoyed their meal. But now they are ready to move on. Your service employee is already on her way. She quickly enters the total amount into the POS terminal and just a few seconds later the card is returned to the guests. Having enjoyed their meal, the guests set off home in a good mood. See you again soon! The checkout process really can be this quick and easy. With the right POS terminal.

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These benefits really pay off

Easy to use while standing or moving around

Its large display and clear keypad layout make the MOVE/5000 ideal for mobile use.

Reliable and highly secure

The MOVE/5000 complies with all current regulations, such as EMV and PCI PTS 4.x. Data is transmitted without errors via WLAN or LTE.

Contactless and mobile payments

The MOVE/5000 supports all common contactless payment methods, as well as payment via smartphone using NFC technology.

A closer look at the MOVE/5000

User-friendly design

Featuring a large, high resolution display and a clear keypad layout, the MOVE/5000 boasts a highly user-friendly design. Contactless payments, no matter whether by card or smartphone, are supported by the contactless reader positioned above the display. Its compact dimensions and high-performance battery make the MOVE/5000 the ideal terminal for accepting mobile payments.

High performance with strong communication

The high-performance Telium technology and Cortex A5 together ensure optimum performance. This guarantees fast transactions, even when using complex cryptography. In addition, the Move/5000 has all necessary communication methods on board and offers automatic switchover to the local WLAN.

Certified compliance with all regulations

The Move/5000 is certified to all current regulations, such as EMV and PCI PTS 4.x, as well as meeting the requirements of the German credit industry. It can handle all international debit and credit cards securely, including girocards, as well as offering numerous additional functions.

Tried and tested, configurable software

With the Telium TETRA platform, you benefit from 30 years of experience in secure payment transactions. The sophisticated application software supports all established payment methods in the German market.

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Integration for chain stores and franchise systems

We perform individual analyses to determine the optimum approach for integrating our solutions into your branches and shops.

Integration for smaller shops

Discover how the process works: from an on-site requirements analysis, all the way up to integration of the hardware.

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