Sale of receivables

Secure your solvency, sell your receivables

Do you have large quantities of receivables that you are either unable or unwilling to chase up? We purchase comprehensive portfolio packages and new receivables every month. This helps you secure immediate liquidity for your company. Your employees then have more time to focus on your core business. Our professional receivables processing also helps protect your customer relations.

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These benefits really pay off

Immediate liquidity

Sell your outstanding receivables to us and receive fast payment.

Clean balance sheets

Clean up your balance sheet by selling receivables – and thereby improve your rating.

Free resources

Reduce administration costs in your receivables management and legal departments.

NPL: sell non-performing loans

Non-performing loans (NPLs) are also referred to as defaulting loans and receivables. The debtors are already in arrears here. NPLs therefore need to be impaired by the owners as doubtful receivables – at the cost of their own revenue.

When selling NPLs, the defaulting loan is purchased on the basis of the commercial dunning procedure. If any loan agreements are in place, these need to be terminated. As soon as you have completed your dunning process, we can take over the receivable with the entire risk.

Easily transfer receivables packages

We accept receivables with out-of-court dunning, receivables that are already titled or executed, as well as portfolio packages and fresh receivables each month. As we have over 30 years of experience in the market, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when transferring large volumes.

We always place great emphasis on collaborative cooperation here. If you choose to sell us your receivables, we will draw up an optimum solution strategy and then coordinate this with you. We also incorporate the arguments of your debtors here, thereby protecting your good reputation even after you have sold the receivables.

How it works when you sell us your receivables

Free-of-charge valuations of the receivables packages

If you are looking to transfer large quantities of dunned, titled or executed receivables to us, simply put together your receivables packages. We will then perform a free-of-charge assessment of these prior to the sale.

Calculated purchase ratio based on statistical experience

When valuing your portfolio, we take a random sample. Here, we use various factors to classify the individual receivables, for example by type, age, level, processing method and status, as well as the probable loss rate. We then calculate a purchase ratio on the basis of the results gained, as well as our own experience.

Immediate payment after conclusion of the contract

If both parties are in agreement, we then set out the sale of receivables in a contract. All of your rights and obligations are then transferred to us as the purchaser of the receivables. Following conclusion of the contract, we credit you the agreed purchase amount promptly as per the agreement.

Factoring: secured purchase with Unzer payments

Payment methods such as purchase on account or in instalments are popular and offer many benefits. Unfortunately, however, the risk of default is relatively high here. With factoring, we purchase your receivables automatically as soon as the respective invoices are produced. You are then protected against payment defaults, as you pass on the entire risk to us. This not improves your planning reliability, but also helps you increase your cash flow and improve your rating.

Factoring is available for our Unzer payments white label solutions. We are not visible to your customers and dun the outstanding invoice in your name and using your logo. This protects your client relations. The mutual trust you have built up is then not negatively impacted by the process being handled in an unfamiliar way via an external service provider. The benefits of this approach include the following:

  • A high degree of planning reliability and low risk
  • Independence from the payment behaviour of your customers
  • No dunning or enforced collection on your side
  • Improved cash flow and company credit standing

Consulting on factoring

Would you like some individual advice? If so, please contact us and our colleagues will get back to you promptly. We will then work together to analyse your company's requirements.

Large enterprise solutions

We offer large companies tailor-made solutions. These address the individual requirements of their specific sectors and portfolio.

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