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All set for growth: the heidelpay Group is becoming Unzer

Heidelberg, September 21, 2020 – heidelpay becomes Unzer. The company is today proud to introduce a completely new brand identity. Many acquisitions have been completed in the last few years, including specialists from the fields of risk management, eCommerce, POS and mobile payments. The objective is now to bring all of these together under one strong umbrella brand. Performing this brand consolidation will also help the company project an image of a payment platform with comprehensive solution portfolio. At the same time, the new brand is an expression of a significantly more international alignment of thegrowth course.

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  • One strong brand that brings together all acquisitions under one roof
  • Internationalisation and professionalisation through automated solutions and perfectly tailored platform integrations
  • New office opened in Munich with 80 payment and retail experts
  • Total transaction volume in excess of €7 billion processed in 2019

With the rebranding, we are sending out a clear signal into the payment world – to our employees, our customers and the market. Our diverse portfolio is finally organised under one clear and ambitious brand. We have been working very intensively over the last few months and have purchased several companies together with KKR. The merger of all these companies is reflected in the new brand

Mirko Hüllemann, CEO Unzer

"As a payment service provider founded in Heidelberg, we are now taking the next logical step towards internationalisation. The new brand represents our vision here. It focuses on breaking new ground and offering innovative tech solutions, while at the same time keeping both feet firmly planted in the reality of modern business. We are keen to build on our many years of expertise, but will maintain the same sharp focus on the requirements of our customers. Our mid-term objective is to assume a position among the top three payment providers in Europe," adds Hüllemann.The company recorded a transaction volume of more than €7 billion with the platform of the heidelpay Group in 2019 and currently employs around 600 people.

About Unzer

Unzer is a fast growing, innovative and modular platform for international payment transactions. Companies of all sizes and from all sectors rely on the data-driven, secure and perfectly tailored solutions to help them drive growth –whether online, mobile or at the point of sale. The modules, which are easy to integrate, cover the entire spectrum of payment management: from processing of various payment types, through automated analytics of customer behaviour and requirements, all the way up to integrativerisk management. Unzer was founded in 2003 as "heidelpay". As one of the pioneers in the sector, the company has repeatedly introduced groundbreaking innovations in and around transaction management over the course of the last 17 years.Over 600 payment experts and tech enthusiasts throughout Europe today work on helping retailers achieve sustainable growth in a dynamic market. KKR has been the majority shareholder in Unzer since 2020.

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