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Unzer Launches New Mobile POS System

From a Payment Terminal to a Comprehensive Service Proposition

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Berlin, October 17, 2022

  • Unzer supports retailers throughout Europe in the transition to cashless, contactless payments at the point of sale.
  • The new product POS Go combines POS system, card reader, printer, and scanner and accepts all common payment methods.
  • Merchants can use the mini POS system anywhere, while benefitting from digital accounting, digital receipt storage, and real-time sales analysis.

There are almost one million POS systems in Germany. Only a fraction of them are mobile. With POS Go, Unzer offers a solution to every retailer and service provider who wants to digitalise their processes and meet the increasing demand for contactless payment. The handy device combines POS system, card reader, receipt printer, and scanner and is ready to use anywhere thanks to cloud-based software. It also makes it possible to offer popular payment methods such as buy now, pay later directly at the point of sale.    

POS Go is an important step towards digital transformation at the point of sale. According to a study by the EHI Retail Institute, the use of mobile devices with checkout functions is one of the top priorities at the point of sale. 55 percent of survey respondents want to invest in mobile checkouts. With POS Go, Unzer is particularly targeting small and medium-sized businesses that want to accept mobile payments, for example in a beer garden, at a sports event, or in a retail shop. 

Robert Bueninck, CEO of Unzer, explains: “We help merchants transition from cash to card payments. But POS Go is more than just a mobile till system. The software behind it gives merchants a range of capabilities, including customer engagement programmes and real-time sales data, that simplify their day-to-day tasks.”   

For example, POS Go comes with numerous additional functions. It can store receipts digitally and print them in compliance with tax regulations. It enables new and existing discount and loyalty programmes to be integrated easily. Via an Android app, merchants can view their sales figures at any time and export all payment transactions for the annual financial statement in DATEV format. Dashboards clearly present stock levels, orders, and customer payment preferences and make it easier for merchants to manage goods and staff.  

Merchants can also create an online shop in just a few clicks and link it to POS Go. This means that no matter whether they sell online, mobile, or offline, the entire transaction runs on the same system. Via the connected online shop, businesses can easily interact with a wide variety of marketplaces. This gives them the opportunity to offer their products and services via Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google Shopping, and other channelswithout the need for a cost-intensive update of several systems. No separate software or time-consuming administrative work is needed. 

Robert Bueninck says: “Physical and virtual commerce are increasingly merging. POS systems must be able to keep up. POS Go is not an isolated payment system. It’s a holistic solution to integrate on-site sales and online shopping and drive digital transformation.” 

At the same time, Unzer will remain loyal to Heidelberg. As the headquarters of Unzer E-Com GmbH and with 100 employees on site, the location continues to be a mainstay of the company. The compliance and governance, finance, marketing, human resources, and large parts of the customer service departments are also based in Heidelberg. 

About Unzer

Unzer is a European payment company that enables merchants to process payments across all channels, devices and markets – whether online, mobile, or at the POS. All payment details are stored on one central platform, helping merchants secure a better understanding of their customers’ buying behaviour, detect fraud, and offer a seamless shopping experience – regardless of where, when, and how customers wish to pay.   

More than 70,000 merchants from all over Europe are already using the financial services provided by Unzer. The company has over 750 employees, spread over eight offices in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg.  In 2021, Unzer group generated a revenue of EUR 176 million. Global investment firm KKR has held a majority stake in Unze since 2019. 

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