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New Platform “UnzerOne” Combines Online and Offline Commerce

Unzer Drives Unified Commerce for Merchants

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Berlin, November 8, 2022

  • Unzer supports merchants throughout Europe in offering their customers a consistent shopping experience across all sales channels.
  • The UnzerOne platform, which was built in-house, unites sales channels with customer, sales, and product data. 
  • Unzer is thereby laying the cornerstone for unified commerce and expediting digital transformation for its merchants. 

Unzer, a company providing payment and commerce solutions, has built a platform that combines online and offline shopping experiences – also known as unified commerce. The modular UnzerOne platform merges sales, payments, and marketing activities across all channels and applications into a single, central system. Merchants will benefit from more efficient processes and smoother and easier integration, while customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience – no matter how they shop and pay. 

Niv Liran, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Unzer, explains: “Many merchants use a variety of applications for their sales, payments, fulfilment, and finance processes that are either poorly integrated or not integrated at all. At the same time, they are generating more and more data from their activities. Yet only those enterprises that collect and structure this data can utilise it to gain insights and improve their operations and thus the customer experience. Through our technology, we want to enable our merchants to generate these insights and benefit from them.”

In the last few years, consumer shopping behaviour has changed tremendously. Customers today expect to be addressed individually and enjoy a seamless shopping experience, regardless of where they shop and how they pay for or take delivery of their products.

UnzerOne now brings together all data into a central location and in real time. Merchants can use a dashboard to view their revenue, information on inventories and orders, and their customers’ product and payment preferences. This in turn enables them to deploy their products and personnel as efficiently and effectively as possible. The platform becomes the focal point for customer, sales, and product data. 

With UnzerOne, we are offering companies a secure way to stay on top of all their sales channels and payment methods.


This offers merchants key benefits: by integrating their online shop with the platform, companies can sell their products and services via Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google Shopping, and other channels – without having to update multiple systems. This simplifies the process, saving both time and money. 

“Many people are talking about unified commerce, payment but only relatively few companies are already fully implementing it,” comments Niv Liran. “With UnzerOne, we are taking an important step in precisely this direction. From the interface to the tax office, through data-driven inventory planning, all the way to personalised newsletters for customers – with just one click, merchants are offered a vast range of features that simplify their day-to-day operations.”  

The first product that is operated entirely in the dedicated technical infrastructure is a mobile POS solution, which Unzer introduced in September. The POS Go device combines a POS system, receipt printer, and scanner in one, allowing merchants to accept payments anywhere. Connected to the platform via the cloud, the mobile solution enables merchants to view their revenue and other statistics, save receipts digitally, and add new loyalty programmes. Discounts can then be applied directly, while collections by the customer and returns can also be recorded. If needed, new channels, services, and payment methods can easily be added without complicated integration. 

Another solution for small and medium-sized companies is set to launch by the end of the year. Unzer is also keen to use the platform to offer additional services that merchants can add flexibly in the same way an app store works.

As a platform which handles sensitive financial and personal data, UnzerOne was built from the ground up with data protection and security as a guiding principle. UnzerOne's payment infrastructure is certified by the highest level in the credit card industry (PCI-DSS level 1 certified); an ISO/IEC 27001 certification process is planned for 2023. In addition, a 24/7 security team is monitoring all activities on the platform and is ready to jump in to handle any type of malicious attempts.

About Unzer

Unzer is a European payment company that enables merchants to process payments across all channels, devices and markets – whether online, mobile, or at the POS. All payment details are stored on one central platform, helping merchants secure a better understanding of their customers’ buying behaviour, detect fraud, and offer a seamless shopping experience – regardless of where, when, and how customers wish to pay.   

More than 70,000 merchants from all over Europe are already using the financial services provided by Unzer. The company’s employees work in eight offices in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg. Global investment firm KKR has held a majority stake in Unzer since 2019. 

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