Risk management

Manage risks – minimise payment defaults

Intelligent risk management. We use credit agencies, credit checks and scoring to support you in preventing payment defaults – without jeopardising valuable sales opportunities.

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These benefits really pay off

Tailor-made risk strategy

We work with you to develop a risk strategy that perfectly addresses the needs of your company, sector and shoppers. We also adapt this strategy flexibly following implementation.

Top process quality

We are always up-to-date with the latest technology. This helps us ensure that all processes are performed smoothly and reliably.

Real-time recommendations

We offer you intelligent recommendations without any delay. This facilitates a fast and secure checkout process, while also preventing abandoned shopping baskets.

Evaluate data correctly – with our credit agency services

Data is the capital of all credit agencies. Our data pool comprises over 20 million distinct addresses. These include over 5 million negative characteristics, which we have generated from payment experience with our own collections management. We also have partnerships and premium partnerships in place with all relevant credit agencies. This allows us to support you in preventing payment defaults and getting a better handle on your own risk. Key information:

  • Over 20 million distinct addresses
  • Over 5 million negative characteristics
  • Partnerships with all relevant credit agencies

Check credit ratings in real time – anticipate defaults before they happen

We check the credit rating of your shoppers without any delay. This not only enables us to offer you individual recommendations, but also to design your checkout process both quickly and conveniently. Thanks to our additional Verify&Pay risk check, we can dynamically offer shoppers only those payment methods that match their credit rating.

Scoring: identify payment behaviour in advance

Scoring supplements our credit checks. We employ statistical methods here in order to calculate the likelihood of a payment default on the basis of data such as age, place of residence or time of ordering. This in turn allows us to provide you with detailed results and recommended actions.

Risk management consulting

Would you like some individual advice? If so, please contact us and our colleagues will get back to you promptly. We will then work together to analyse your company's requirements.

Large enterprise solutions

We offer large companies tailor-made solutions. These address the individual requirements of their specific sectors and portfolio.

Our solutions for all your projects

Anti-fraud solutions

Protect both yourself and your shoppers from fraudsters and criminals. Learn how we can support you in this regard with intelligent solutions.

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Solutions for collections management

Increase incoming payments and improve your company's credit standing with professional collection services.

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Liquidity management solutions

Maintain your company's solvency. Sell large quantities of outstanding receivables to us.

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FAQs on this topic

What is a credit check?

Checking the credit rating of a contractual partner prior to contract conclusion is referred to as a credit check. The respective person's payment behaviour and likelihood of payment default are analysed in detail here. The ability and willingness of a debtor to meet future obligations in full and on time are therefore checked.

How are shoppers classified when performing a credit check?

Following the credit check, a credit rating is issued as a score. An online retailer can use this credit rating as the basis for determining whether or not to enter into the transaction – or which payment method should be offered to the respective shopper. The sale can then still be completed, even with a poor credit rating, if the retailer only offers the shopper secure payment types, such as prepayment or cash-on-delivery.

What is scoring?

Scoring provides a numerical value that offers an objective as possible prediction of a shopper's credit rating. First of all, experience and values from their credit standing are collected and assessed. Companies can use this statistical analysis to reach a credit decision and to specify interest rates. The are two objectives here: to avoid risks and to minimise payment defaults.