Pay by
direct debit or prepayment: automatic and subscription debits for Europe

Automatically charge monthly premiums. Accept one-click payments. Accept instalment payments. SEPA Direct Debit not only allows you to expand your subscription business throughout Europe. One-off transactions in online shops can also be processed within seconds. Shoppers, particularly those in Germany, appreciate the uncomplicated process.

Your Advantages

Those Advantages
Pay off.

Simplify recurring payments

Once shoppers have provided you with a SEPA Direct Debit mandate, this is saved for recurring payments. Subscription premiums can also be charged automatically.

Expand your subscription business throughout Europe

The SEPA Direct Debit scheme facilitates bank transfers between all European current accounts. This makes it easy for you to bill subscription services, also across borders.

Offer an alternative to PayPal

More traditional online shoppers are often rather suspicious of new online payment methods such as PayPal. With SEPA Direct Debit, you can offer them a more familiar alternative.