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Paying with WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is a payment system from China that is operated by Tencent. WeChat was originally a communication app in a similar vein to WhatsApp. The app was repeatedly extended over time to include more tools. In 2015, a payment system comparable with Google Pay or Apple Pay was then added. Thanks to the WeChat social platform, WeChat Pay has a huge user base with more than a billion chat users. Around 600 million of these already use WeChat Pay. This payment method is therefore rec-ommended for retailers with Chinese customers.

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Why you should accept WeChat Pay

Access around 600 million shoppers

WeChat Pay ranks among the most popular payment systems in the People's Republic of China.

Use the potential of WeChat

WeChat has a user base with more than a billion people, all of whom are potential WeChat Pay shop-pers.

Attract Chinese shoppers

Being able to use their domestic payment method is an important buying incentive for Chinese shoppers, both online and when travelling.

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