Recurring payments

Simplify recurring and one-click payments with tokenization

Whether one-click payments or regular subscription payments: tokenization makes transactions both faster and more convenient for repeat customers. This helps prevent abandoned checkout processes and subscription cancellations, while at the same promoting repeat purchases.

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These benefits really pay off

Enjoy more repeat purchases thanks to one-click payment

One-click payment makes the checkout process more convenient for returning shoppers. This then increases the likelihood of them making repeat purchases.

More subscription customers thanks to a smooth and easy process

You only need to ask customers for authorisation one time and can then debit subscription fees regularly. Our lean process prevents cancelled subscriptions.

Transparent data management via our system

Whether updating master data, tracking overpayments and underpayments or adjusting subscription intervals: everything is fast and intuitive with our system.

Tokenization: attract and retain repeat customers

Tokenization is the prerequisite for debiting subscription payments, as well as one-click payments. When shoppers make their first purchase, their payment details – for example their credit card number – are converted into encrypted tokens and then saved securely on the server. The sensitive data is therefore protected, yet remains available directly for recurring transactions and repeat purchases.

  • Store sensitive data in compliance with PCI DSS stipulations
  • Enable subscription and one-click payments
  • Tokenize local and international payment methods

Increase repeat purchases with one-click payment

One thing that annoys shoppers is when they have to enter their payment details each time they visit an online shop. One-click payment makes this a thing of the past. Here, the necessary information and preferences are stored as encrypted tokens during the first purchase – and are then available immediately for repeat purchases. This encourages spontaneous decisions and helps shops attract repeat customers.

  • Speed up the checkout process
  • Avoid abandoned shopping baskets
  • Generate more repeat purchases

Manage subscriptions – prevent cancellations

Subscription functions are becoming increasing popular in online shops. Tokenization also supports you in processing payments securely here. Our subscription module also includes complete user management – from entry of shopper master data, all the way up to flexible adjustment of debit intervals and amounts.

  • Manage master data easily
  • Track both overpayments and underpayments
  • Adjust debit intervals, terms or prices
  • Manage voucher codes

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Large enterprise solutions

We offer large companies tailor-made solutions. These address the individual requirements of their specific sectors and portfolio.

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Solutions for online marketplaces

Process mixed shopping baskets from various retailers. Uncomplicated commission calculation and payment. Fast onboarding of new sellers. Discover our marketplace solutions

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Learn how to integrate our payment solutions into your online shop or online marketplace.

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FAQs on this topic

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is an encryption process that makes credit card payments more secure. Sensitive data such as credit card numbers are replaced by reference values here. These reference values are called tokens. A token can be used by systems and applications without restrictions, while the original data is stored in a secure, PCI-compliant data safe. The seller then does not need to save any sensitive customer data in order to receive payment.

What are the benefits of tokenization?

Tokenization reduces the risk of credit card data being stolen by criminals. It is suitable both for eCommerce and use in brick and mortar retailers. Retailers can then reduce their responsibility for the card data of their customers. Tokenization therefore facilitates more precise compliance with the PCI DSS Standard.

What is a token?

Tokens represent exchangeable, tradable values. Although they are not primarily used as currency, they can perform various functions – such as loyalty points. Unlike cryptocurrencies, however, tokens are generally not based on a dedicated blockchain. Instead, they use the technical basis of an existing cryptocurrency – often the technology of Ethereum.