RAn all-round smooth operator – the Tillhub Gastro register system

The all-in-one solution for the food service industry does more than just check out and adapts perfectly to your needs. The flexible iPad register system offers support for a range of tasks: from managing stock to staffing and creating room and table plans. With comprehensive statistics, the register also gives you a top-down overview of your business. Manage your entire food service business with one smart register solution!

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Works on- and offline

You can even check out customers without WiFi. Transaction data uploads to the cloud when the system next goes online. Enjoy remote access to all your most important business data via the cloud.

100% legal compliance

Automatic updates mean your Tillhub Gastro register meets all legal requirements such as the GoBD (German tax code) and the Kassensicherungsverordnung (English: Cash Register Security Ordinance).

Easy to scale

The smart register system that grows with your company. In just a few clicks, you can add new branches and registers as well as set up new employees, products, and additional payment methods.

At a glance: All the pros of an iPad register system for food service businesses


An iPad register system simply does more than a traditional till. It combines the numerous demanding jobs of the food service industry day-to-day in one multifunctional solution. Use the register to keep your books, to coordinate staff, to evaluate sales data, and more! Enjoy ideal oversight and control in an all-in-one solution that adapts flexibly to your company.


With an iPad register, software and hardware are perfectly in tune, so you can count on your register system running reliably at all times. Operating the iPad is so intuitive that your staff won’t need any special prior knowledge or comprehensive training to master the register. And the premium-quality Apple devices will make a good impression on your customers, contributing to your shop’s modern and professional image. Another plus: Data security and encryption comply with Apple’s high standards.

Additional advantages of your Tillhub iPad register system

  • Simple to install and 7-day customer support
  • Train staff in no time thanks to intuitive user interface
  • Accept all popular payment methods incl. EC / credit card and mobile payment
  • Mobile, flexible checkout options like splitting bills and discounting
  • Integrated stock management, individually assign articles and ingredients
  • Comprehensive sales stats in real time to help optimize your business
  • Simple DATEV export for accounting and your tax adviser

Food service expert functions for restaurants, bars, cafés, and outdoor eateries

Every business is unique. Set up your iPad register system with exactly the functions that you need!

Happy hour function

Preset discounts are applied automatically at checkout. No mental math, no mistakes.

Clear room and table plans

Keep a clear overview of your guests and orders even at peak hours.

Smart order management

Need to move orders between tables, update or cancel orders? No problem.

Integrated price book

Managing your price lists is simple right in your clear register dashboard.

Simple pager integration

Integrate coaster or pager systems into your iPad register system in the blink of an eye.

Correct VAT rates

Preset various tax rates directly in your register so everything adds up when you check out customers later.

A perfect fit – our hardware for your register system

We deliver the hardware you need to use your register right away. You receive your complete system as a total package – with all the equipment you need to get started.

  • Apple iPad mit 10,2“ Retina-Display
  • Tillhub tablet stand
  • Compact Epson receipt printer
  • Robust Metapace cash drawer
  • Card terminal (cordless/corded)
  • Cordless ergonomic scanner

FAQs on the iPad register system

Which food service businesses is the iPad register suitable for?

The system is ideal for all businesses because you can set it up to suit your individual needs. Choose the hardware you need as well as the functions your business requires. Tillhub register systems are perfect for food trucks and stands as well as bars, cafés, and restaurants.

How much does an iPad register system for the food service industry cost?

The price depends on which hardware elements you need for your business (or perhaps already own). The monthly fee for the register system software depends on which functions you want to use. Use our calculator to estimate how much your ideal register system would cost. Our experts are happy to talk with you after you do to give you advice on finding the ideal register solution for your business.

Are there any free iPad register systems?

Yes, there are open-source iPad register systems that are free of charge. But they entail a number of risks: no regular updates, no guarantee of legal compliance with tax code and data security regulations when the software is no longer available. This means that free iPad register systems are not a real alternative for anyone in the food service industry who needs to rely on their system 100%.

What does “GoBD” stand for?

The acronym “GoBD” stands for “Grundsätze zur ordnungsmäßigen Führung und Aufbewahrung von Büchern, Aufzeichnungen und Unterlagen in elektronischer Form sowie zum Datenzugriff”, a German tax code that translates in English to “Directives for Duly Maintaining, Keeping and Storing Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access.” The GoBD describes the policies that companies have to follow in their electronic accounting activities, such as how tax-relevant receipts are to be collected and archived. The GoBD was issued by the German Federal Ministry of Finance on 14 November 2014.

What does “Kassensicherungsverordnung” mean?

The German Federal Ministry of Finance issued the Kassensicherungsverordnung (English: Cash Register Security Ordinance or KassenSichV for short) stipulating that both cash registers and digital register systems must be equipped with a technical safety system (TSS). The goal of the Kassensicherungsverordnung is to safeguard all digital record keeping in businesses against tampering. The KassenSichV has been in force in Germany since 1 January 2020.