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DIPKO: Digitising Municipal Services for a Consistent User Experience

DIPKO has found a reliable payment partner for its clients. Together with Unzer, DIPKO helped infra fürth to digitise its services.

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Digital platform for municipal services


Online payment acceptance, embedded payment page

Unzer Solution

DIPKO is a digital platform for municipal services. The platform and its additional services help public utility companies and municipalities to combine their offerings and make them more accessible. For example, single sign-on enables customers to access all their local urban services by logging in just once.

Digitising All Processes from Login to Checkout

DIPKO helps public utility companies and municipalities to digitise their services by hosting them on a comprehensive digital platform. It also makes it possible to connect commonly used systems with each other. This provides utility companies and municipalities with a 360-degree view of their customers and residents so they can better recognise their needs. The platform serves as a central digital location for the often diverse range of offerings provided by municipalities and municipal energy providers. Users benefit from the convenience this brings.

Online payment solutions from Unzer play a decisive role in this. DIPKO clients can rely on a stable and secure service, while end customers can choose from a range of payment methods.

DIPKO’s mission is to combine the range of services offered by municipal utility companies. The greatest challenge in doing this is integration different systems and providers to create a seamless user experience right up to the checkout.

DIPKO aims for a high level of scalability. Our payment partner must be able to fulfil this demand and process many transactions in a short time window.

Mirco Pinske, managing director of DIPKO GmbH

A Stable Payment Platform for infra fürth gmbh

infra fürth is a municipal utility company in the city of Fürth and a customer of DIPKO. During the corona crisis, it had to quickly react to the challenges facing the city’s swimming baths. The corona restrictions led infra fürth to take the next step in its digitisation strategy. They needed to provide a way for customers to book a slot and buy a ticket for swimming pools online. Together, DIPKO and infra fürth successfully found and implemented a solution at short notice. But in the long term, the utility company wanted to offer all its services on one digital platform.

To digitise our offerings, we need a reliable payment platform. With Unzer, DIPKO has the right partner for this.

Benjamin Zagel, project manager for innovation and digitisation at infra fürth unternehmensgruppe

A Wide Range of Payment Options for the Municipalities

In Unzer, DIPKO has found a payment company that offers a wide range of payment methods. Using an embedded payment page from Unzer, DIPKO can offer payment methods such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, direct debit, SOFORT bank transfers, and more. This enables municipalities to appeal to a wide range of customers. The security and stability that Unzer offers also play an important role for DIPKO and its clients.

We previously used a different solution, which had many outages. The switch to Unzer took little time – and it was worth it.

Benjamin Zagel, project manager for innovation and digitisation at infra fürth unternehmensgruppe

In addition to online payment solutions, Unzer offers DIPKO clients a dashboard for data analysis. This enables them to gain a detailed understanding of customer requests, handle the requests, and optimise processes where necessary.

We enjoy the collaboration, the open communication, and the quick response time from Unzer when we have enquiries or business topics to discuss.

Mirco Pinske, managing director of DIPKO GmbH

A Smooth User Experience for End Customers

When choosing a payment provider, in was important to DIPKO to establish a good, personal relationship with their partner. They are convinced that with Unzer they can achieve the best results, learn from and with each other, and continue to support and complement each other.

Digital payments are an essential aspect of our platform. In Unzer we have the found a reliable partner for this.

Mirco Pinske, managing director of DIPKO GmbH

With Unzer, infra fürth achieved its goal of stable online processing of swimming pool tickets purchases. At peak, 95% of pool tickets were sold online.

Together with Unzer, DIPKO has helped numerous municipalities and public utility companies to combine and digitise their services – giving end customers a smooth user experience from start to finish.

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