POS terminals

Your business, your requirements, your terminal

Is your POS terminal installed in a fixed location? If so, does it still need to be connected to a printer? Or do you need multiple terminals, which your employees can use flexibly to allow guests to pay at their table? These are exactly the kinds of questions that need to be addressed when determining the right hardware for your business. Our sales representatives therefore come to your business or your branches directly. Your dedicated contact then personally guides you through the decision-making process, including selection and installation of your terminal, as well as answering any other questions you may have.

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These benefits really pay off

Support in making the right choice

Your personal contact works with you to analyse your specific situation. This helps ensure that you select the right terminal for your requirements.

Installation by us

Your individual contact installs the chosen hardware during the appointment you schedule. A check is then performed to determine whether everything is working smoothly.

Ongoing support

You also retain your personal contact while continuing to use our hardware. If you then encounter issues or have questions in future, you can simply get in touch with this contact, who will be happy to help.

DESK/5000: stationary and extendible
  • Fewer mistakes when entering PIN numbers thanks to the clear keypad layout.
  • Shorter queues at the checkout thanks to faster payment processing via LAN and WLAN.
  • Modern shopping experiences with contactless and mobile payments via smartphone.
  • Secure payment processing in line with regulations such as EMV and PCI PTS 4.x
MOVE/5000: mobile and flexible
  • Easy to use while standing or moving around thanks to large display and clear keypad layout.
  • Avoid long waiting times when confirming payments thanks to connection via WLAN and LTE.
  • Both contactless and mobile payments possible with all common methods and NFC.
  • Reliable and highly secure in line with current regulations such as EMV and PCI PTS 4.x

Get everything integrated and working quickly

Integration for chain stores and franchise systems

We perform individual analyses to determine the optimum approach for integrating our solutions into your branches and shops.

Integration for smaller shops

Discover how the process works: from an on-site requirements analysis, all the way up to integration of the hardware.

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