In-store Solutions

Personal, direct, regional: our services for the POS

At brick and mortar retailers, it all comes down to personal contact. With your shoppers. Yet obviously also with your partners. As a payment provider, we therefore cater to your requirements both directly and personally.

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Our support for your success

Regional sales representatives

Our sales representatives come directly from your region – so they can travel to your business or branch at short notice as and when necessary.

Personal contact

Your contact provides long-term support for you and your business. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have questions or would like help with issues.

In-house support

Our dedicated support team knows our solutions inside out. Team members are on hand around the clock to get you the support you need.

The right mix of payment methods – for increased revenue at the POS

In-store payment

Your business, your requirements, your terminal

DESK/5000: stationary and extendible

For shops, department stores and groceries that require fixed checkout locations and additional systems, such as printers and customer screens.

MOVE/5000: mobile and flexible

For payments at the table in restaurants, mobile payments in taxis, as well as all other businesses that need to remain particularly flexible.

TSE checkout

Whether technical security equipment, the duty to issue a receipt and perform checks or the Checkout Security Regulation (KassenSichV): bureaucracy is not exactly making it easy for retailers to do business. However, our transparent TSE checkout supports you in meeting all of the requirements - allowing you to concentrate fully on your shoppers.

Get everything integrated and working quickly

Integration for chain stores and franchise systems

We perform individual analyses to determine the optimum approach for integrating our solutions into your branches and shops.

Integration for smaller shops

Discover how the process works: from an on-site requirements analysis, all the way up to integration of the hardware.

Our solutions for all of your plans

Large enterprise solutions

We offer large companies tailor-made solutions. These address the individual requirements of their specific sectors and portfolio.

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Solutions for online marketplaces

Process mixed shopping baskets from various retailers. Uncomplicated commission calculation and payment. Fast onboarding of new sellers. Discover our marketplace solutions.

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Solutions for online transactions

Whether a central single payment gateway, the most popular payment methods from a single source, MOTO or recurring payments: use our online solutions to boost your sales.

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FAQs on this topic

What does POS mean?

POS stands for "point of sale". This can refer to various locations. Prior to the introduction of eCommerce, it generally referred to the shelves containing products or the checkout area in retail shops. However, POS now has a more far-reaching significance. In the field of payments, it no longer refers exclusively to checkout areas - but rather to the terminal used to pay for products or services. POS terminals are used throughout the world as a uncomplicated way of processing cashless payments.

What is POS marketing?

POS marketing involves planning a POS strategy for the respective target group as a way of generating more sales. Visual factors, such as the design of a POS, also play an important part here.

What is EPOS?

Online shops also have a point of sale. However, these are referred to as EPOS – electronic points of sale. Here, the POS is a fully electronic system that processes the purchase – also in a shop – via barcode using a computer system. At the same time, stock levels are automatically corrected. To use the EPOS, the shopper must first complete an authentication process for the respective card at the POS offered. Following successful authentication, the payment is processed completely automatically. Many shop owners use payment service providers for this step as a way of keeping the workload per transaction as low as possible.

What benefits does an EPOS offer?

An EPOS is what makes cashless payments possible for Internet purchases with credit or debit cards. In addition, the transactions are generally completely secure, meaning that there are virtually no risks for the recipient or debtor. The transaction time is also shorter than with a classic bank transfer. Alongside security for customers, retailers also enjoy a genuine benefit, as a payment guarantee is provided when using the EPOS method. Customers generally do not have to pay any charges for EPOS payments within Germany. Only when performing overseas transactions are customers sometimes required to pay charges, depending on the respective financial institution.