Virtual accounts

Virtual accounts: providing genuine transparency for your payment transactions

Simplify your company's account structure. With virtual accounts… …you can assign as many dedicated virtual IBANs internally as you wish – for example to subsidiaries, departments, business partners or employees. …you have ONE contact – the UNZER Settlement Team – for all matters relating to account movements (whether cash inflows or outflows) …you can manage all internal company accounts via our easy-to-use online portal.

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These benefits really pay off

Process transactions with currency exchange

Our virtual accounts are available in euros, dollars and British pounds. Easily transfer the funds in various currencies within your virtual accounts.

Simplify clearing with AutoSweep

With AutoSweep, all of the funds in a virtual account are automatically transferred to the central account - for example at a specific time or when a specified amount has been reached.

Perform batch transfers quickly

Batch transfers allow you to perform multiple transactions together in an automated process. All you need to do is upload a CSV file with the necessary information.

Clearing Clearing describes the process of transferring the entire amount from one or more virtual accounts to a central – also virtual – account. This sets the account balance of the sending accounts to zero. Thanks to our AutoSweep function, you or your employees no longer need to execute this transaction manually. You simply specify when clearing is to take place – for example when the account balance reaches €100,000 or on the first of each month. AutoSweep then executes the transaction automatically at the specified time.

  • Specify clearing timings individually
  • Save both time and money thanks to automation
  • Avoid errors and failed transactions

Account management Our online portal shows you all of your virtual accounts in a transparent overview. After selecting an account, you can then search through all bookings for specific information – such as a special amount or reference. Transfers can also be completed with just a few mouse-clicks. No matter whether nationally or internationally with currency exchange. Practical batch transfers can also be performed at any time, and you can download account statements monthly as CSV or PDF documents for your reporting.

  • Gain a fast overview of account balances and movements
  • Transfer funds to virtual or external accounts
  • Download account statements as CSV or PDF files

Security Our online portal is reliably protected with two-factor authentication. After accessing the settings, you can specify yourself which users are to be granted access to your virtual accounts, as well as which authentication method is to be used. Either a code is sent by SMS to the mobile phone number entered in the system or identification is performed by scanning an OTP code with the Google Authenticator app.

  • Uncomplicated management of user access
  • Flexible choice of authentication method
  • Reliable protection for sensitive account details

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FAQs on this topic

What is a virtual account?

Virtual accounts are often also referred to as IBANs. However, the principle is the same here: in future, various virtual subaccounts will be created for a central, physical account. Each of these has a dedicated, unique IBAN. For example, multiple subsidiaries of a company can then each have a separate virtual account. All of these virtual accounts are linked to the real bank account of the parent company. This simplifies the account structure, helps secure transparency and saves administration costs.

What are virtual IBANs?

Virtual IBANs are virtual account numbers. They are often also referred to as "virtual accounts" and are always linked to a genuine, central bank account. There is no limit in terms of the number of IBANs that can be assigned per physical account. They comprise a three-digit fixed component, as well as a seven-digit component that can be freely selected. This can be specified individually by the respective company, for example in order to clearly identify a sender.

What are the benefits of virtual accounts?

You can set up as many virtual accounts as you wish and thereby match your account structure perfectly to your corporate structure - for example for various subsidiaries, departments or even individual employees. You then have ONE professional contact for all account movements, whether cash inflows or outflows – the UNZER Settlement Team. Our online portal provides you with an easy-to-understand overview of all your accounts.