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A wide range of features – for all of your online business requirements

Learn from your data. Adopt an uncomplicated approach to managing transactions and orders. Accept payments in various currencies and perform currency exchange. Integrate Unzer purchase on account and Unzer purchase in instalments seamlessly into your checkout process. Simplify recurring payments. These are just a selection of the many options we can offer you for your online business.

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Analyse, learn, manage: with Unzer insights & control

Reporting and analysis

Gain access to all of your data. Acquire valuable knowledge. Use opportunities for your business.

Personalised dashboard

Decide yourself which data you wish to see at first glance and how this data should be presented.

Order management

Reduce your administration costs. Save valuable time, which you can then invest in expanding your business.

Account management

Accept payments in various currencies, perform easy currency exchange or automatically assign incoming payments. No matter what your plans, we can support you in opening and managing fiduciary accounts, both at home and abroad. All of our fiduciary accounts are secured against insolvency.

Unzer purchase on account and in instalments: our core expertise, your profit

Payment on account with Unzer invoice

Seamless white label integration. Credit checks in real time. A configurable process for sending out payment reminders. Uncomplicated invoice assignment, partial cancellations and refunds. Correction of overpayments and underpayments. Attract new shoppers with a confidence-inspiring checkout process.

Payment in instalments with Unzer instalment

Checkout without any visible third-party providers. Individually determinable interest rates. Identity authentication without PostIDENT. Real-time protection from high-risk shoppers. Transparent order management. Accept instalment payments securely and easily – with our Unzer instalment white label solution.

Recurring payments: attract and retain repeat customers

Tokenization makes it particularly easy for returning shoppers to pay in your online shop. This prevents abandoned shopping baskets during the checkout process and increases conversion rates. Subscription payments can also be processed smoothly in this way. The key benefits for you:

  • One-click payment thanks to tokenized payment details
  • Increased conversion rate thanks to convenient checkout process
  • No sensitive information is saved
  • Individual payment plans can be created
  • Easy management of subscriptions

Manage risks – minimise payment defaults

Durch Risikoprüfung Ausfällen vorbeugen

Bei unserer Risikoprüfung wird die Bonität der Käufer schon im Zahlungsprozess eingeschätzt. Zahlt ein Käufer trotz einer positiven Bewertung nicht, können wir Ihnen die offene Forderung häufig sogar abkaufen.

Mit Factoring offene Forderungen verkaufen

Beim Factoring wird eine Forderung schon während des Checkouts an uns verkauft: in dem Moment, in dem der Kunde den „Bestellen“-Button klickt. Sie erhalten Ihr Geld zeitnah nach dem Bestellvorgang.

Virtual accounts: providing genuine transparency for your payment transactions

Assign your subsidiaries, departments or even employees a dedicated virtual account. Manage all of these accounts together via our online portal – clearly structured and at minimal cost. The key benefits for you:

  • Simplify your company's account structure
  • Open virtual accounts in euros, dollars and British pounds
  • Process transactions with currency exchange
  • Simplify clearing with AutoSweep
  • Perform batch transfer quickly

Get everything integrated and working quickly

Integrate solutions individually

We offer you personal and individual consulting on how you can integrate our solutions optimally into your existing environment.

Integrate solutions quickly and conveniently

Our uncomplicated onboarding process familiarises you with our solutions quickly, so you can get everything up and running right away.

FAQs on this topic

My Unzer insights & control account is blocked. How can I unblock it?

If you can no longer log in, your account can either be unblocked by Customer Support or via a different account with corresponding admin rights.

What is a fiduciary or escrow account?

A fiduciary account is an account where funds are held in trust while two or more parties complete a transaction. The holder of the account is not the owner of the funds deposited there. The fiduciary or custodian manages and is liable for the funds paid in.

What are white label solutions on the Internet?

White label solutions are products or services which have been developed or created by a provider for integration on a different website. The layout and structure are both matched to the target website here.

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