One gateway – a whole world of eCommerce opportunities

Add new payment types to your online shop or remove existing ones – in future even faster and more flexibly with just one gateway. Increase your revenue with the correct mix of payment options and integrate our Unzer payments white label solutions seamlessly into your checkout process.

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Checkout solutions: fast integration and improved conversion rates

UI components

Intelligent and secure payment forms integrated with just a few mouse-clicks thanks to individualised interface elements from the software library.

Embedded payment page

All of your payment types combined in an all-in-one overlay solution for a seamless checkout process and significantly fewer abandoned shopping baskets.

Hosted payment page

A complete solution that offers all of your configured payment types on a website hosted by us - making manual implementation redundant.

The right mix of payment methods – for increased revenue in your online shop

Digital payments

From acquiring to payment processing – get everything from a single source

Accept all popular payment methods with just one contractual partner: us.

Our platform provides for secure processing in real time – also on Black Friday

All incoming payments are automatically checked against the corresponding orders.

Greater transparency and less risk – with our online features

Online features

Unzer insights & control

Identify business opportunities through reporting and analytics. Adapt the dashboard to your own requirements. Enjoy uncomplicated order management.

Risk management

Protect your business against payment defaults. Check the credit rating of your customers in real time. Transfer outstanding receivables to us.

Account management

Allow us to open payment accounts for you both at home and abroad. Save additional fees/charges. Accept various currencies.

Unzer purchase on account and in instalments

Accept purchase on account with Unzer invoice. Offer instalment purchases with Unzer instalment. Integrate both seamlessly into your checkout process.

Recurring payments

Facilitate one-click payments thanks to tokenization. Debit subscription premiums more easily. Attract new customers and keep repeat customers loyal.

Virtual accounts

Simplify your company's account structure. Process transactions with currency exchange. Reduce administration costs.

Pay By Link

Process electronic payments without a dedicated online shop or programming skills. Do this by simply sending a payment link via many different channels, such as e-mail or WhatsApp.

Accept payments via all digital channels

Digital channels


Unzer plugins, available for all standard shop systems, make it easy for you to accept digital payments in your online shop.


More and more shoppers are using tablets or smartphones to make purchases. Our payment processing services are also available to you here.


Allow your customers to pay directly from an app. Without any visual interuption and seamlessly embedded in your user experience.

Buy online, use the local collection service

Click & Collect

Click & collect combines both online shop and retail shop functionality. Your shoppers place orders conveniently on the Internet and then pick up their packaged products from a physical shop location. This reduces the time spent at the physical shop. Not only is this convenient for your shoppers, it also saves you costs. It is hard to imagine modern omnichannel commerce without click & collect - especially since the coronavirus crisis.

MOTO: ordering by mail or telephone

Mail Order & Telephone Order

MOTO stands for "mail order" or "telephone order". Orders are placed either by telephone or by mail here. With our virtual terminal, you can accept and process orders by telephone and e-mail – even if you do not have an online shop.

Get everything integrated and working quickly

Integrate solutions individually

We offer you personal and individual consulting on how you can integrate our solutions optimally into your existing environment.

Integrate solutions quickly and conveniently

Our uncomplicated onboarding process familiarises you with our solutions quickly, so you can get everything up and running right away.

Our solutions for all of your plans

Large enterprise solutions

We offer large companies tailor-made solutions. These address the individual requirements of their specific sectors and portfolio.

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Solutions for online marketplaces

Process mixed shopping baskets from various retailers. Uncomplicated commission calculation and payment. Fast onboarding of new sellers. Discover our marketplace solutions.

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In-store solutions

On-site consulting by your personal contact. Local support from our dedicated Support Team. Just a few of the benefits of our in-store solutions.

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FAQs on this topic

How does an online shop work?

An online shop is a website that retailers use to sell their products on the Internet. To this end, the products or services are presented in a shop system. Shoppers can then use the website to learn more about and ultimately order the products/services on offer. The actual purchase takes place electronically here and the payment method is typically cashless.

What benefits do online shops enjoy over brick and mortar retailers?

Online retailers do not need to rent any retail space. They generally also require less personnel. These two factors together can significantly reduce costs. In addition, shoppers are not tied to shop opening times. They can purchase products around the clock and throughout the world. All they need is Internet access.

What conditions should an online shop meet?

An online shop obviously still needs to comply with many legal and technical regulations. However, above all it should feature a user-friendly design. This starts with clear and straightforward user navigation, but also includes logically structured and attractive presentation of the offerings. It ends with a convenient, confidence-inspiring checkout process. The right payment mix is the key here. Shoppers can then choose their preferred digital payment type themselves.